China Protests: Hundreds Demand Xi’s Resignation at Rallies Across US – Nationwide

Hundreds of people gathered near Harvard University and Chinese consulates in New York and Chicago on Tuesday to urge China’s leader to step down in the biggest demonstrations against Beijing’s government in decades amid draconian anti-virus restrictions. Supporting protesters who asked.

About 50 protesters, mostly students from elite Ivy League schools, sang songs in both Chinese and English and chanted slogans such as “We are citizens, not slaves!” I was. “We want elections, not dictatorships!” and “Resign, Xi Jinping” is a reference to China’s president.

Many people gathered at the university’s eponymous John Harvard statue wearing masks, not because of COVID-19, but because families back home would be affected if Chinese authorities acknowledged it. was concerned about

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Relatives may face harassment or even lose their jobs, said Wayne, a Harvard graduate student from China who is participating in the demonstration.

In New York, about 400 people gathered in front of the consulate, holding placards reading “Freedom of Civil Dignity” and “Free China.”

In Chicago, about 200 demonstrators gathered in front of the Chinese consulate. Some shouted, “I don’t want a PCR test, I want food!” And “I don’t want a dictator, I want a vote!”

Protesters brought flowers, lit candles and covered their faces with signs, masks and blank papers that Chinese protesters have used as symbols of defiance of government censorship.

“I’m here because I want to do everything I can to help people,” said a 21-year-old man in a protective suit, referring to protective gear worn by people conducting mandatory COVID-19 tests in China. He said.

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She asked to be identified only as a performance artist, as her parents are members of the Chinese Communist Party and could face arrest if she is identified.

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If they knew she was protesting, “they would be very concerned,” she said.

The Chinese authorities’ restrictive “zero COVID” strategy has sparked demonstrations in at least eight mainland cities and Hong Kong. They have been called the most widespread protests since the 1989 student-led Tiananmen Square democracy movement.

Some Chinese universities have sent students home, and Beijing and Shanghai were stoked by police to prevent further protests on Tuesday. Security forces detained an unknown number of people and stepped up surveillance.

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Protests were also held at Columbia University on Monday, and demonstrations in support of the Chinese were held or planned at other US universities.

Harvard protesters also laid flowers at the feet of the statue, a famous site in Harvard Yard, usually surrounded by tourists, to commemorate the 10 people who died in fires in northwest China last week. Dedicated. .

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Braviva Wang, a former Harvard student now studying neuroscience at the nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology, removed his mask and played his violin along with the song.

“It’s great to see people fighting for freedom and fighting for freedom of speech,” said Wang, who is from Taiwan.

He called the Chinese protesters who stand up to the government “courageous”.

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China Protests: Hundreds Demand Xi’s Resignation at Rallies Across US – Nationwide

Source link China Protests: Hundreds Demand Xi’s Resignation at Rallies Across US – Nationwide

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