“Chicago Fire”: Jesse Spencer returns to Season 10 Finale

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Casey is back!

Jesse Spencer officially returns home “”Chicago fire“”The season 10 finale, which airs on May 25, is what ET has learned.

The long-awaited wedding-centric episode of Severide and Kid will begin filming on Friday.

Spencer’s return to the NBC firefighter drama is the first time viewers have seen him on the screen after finishing the series in the 200th episode at the beginning of the season. At the time of his departure, which was a surprise to many, the actor left the door open for his final return.

Co-showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman spoke with ET on Wednesday, hoping Spencer would be back on the big day for Severide and Kid.

“We basically kneeled and begged and begged him to come back, because at the end of the day Casey was Severide’s best man and he said in his words. Because I promised to be a man, “Newman said. “Jesse is a wonderful person who is still very connected to that Casey character. Thankfully, the schedule went well and he was able to do it. I couldn’t be more excited. “

Writing Spencer’s return was “incredibly touching,” Newman said, adding that he was expecting a tearful cast and crew when he returned to the set on Friday. “Yesterday we were talking about it at the tone meeting, the scene where we first met him. Every time we read the scene, we suffocate. So just imagining that he’s there, Everyone in the cast feels this. We know it will be emotional for everyone. “

As a writer, it was important to acknowledge everything that happened since Casey left for Portland, Oregon, and how his absence changed the fire department.

“We wanted to give the character his duty in the sense of how much he missed, and in the sense that he was and will continue to be an important part of the show,” Newman said in his first. He talked about what he wanted to achieve in the scene. “There’s one word Severide tells Casey:’It wouldn’t have been the same without you, and it would never happen.'” And the parentheses in it “speak for all of us.” “was. Similarly, Severide says he’s talking for all characters, not just Severide’s characters, and for all of us who have worked with Jesse, who is great both human and actor.He wanted to tell how important the character was Chicago fire And it will always be. “

Haas called the wedding of Severide and Kid “after a long time” and featured the last expected episode of the season.

“We’ve seen their relationship grow and have obstacles they’ve overcome over the last five seasons. And really, what Andrea and I’m very proud of is the show. This is the growth that Severide has shown to this since its inception, “he previewed. “Now he’s the guy who says,’I got you, Stella Kidd.’ A little hurt, but the feelings of the two souls created for each other at the most memorable “Chicago” wedding to date are the perfect icing for us in Season 10. “

But in the classic “Chicago Fire” style, don’t expect their marriage path to go smoothly. “I like the finale that gives exactly what the finale wants. If everyone is happy, ends up with a campfire, everyone sings” Kumbaya “and roasts marshmallows, that’s the ideal finale for me.” Haas jokingly, a couple facing an unexpected obstacle at the finale.

Newman tells viewers about what they’re happy to make fun of about Casey and Brett all year long, as Brett recently spends time with her boyfriend in Oregon. Reminded me that I was doing. When they return to Windy City for a friend’s wedding, it will force them to get where their own relationship stands.

“At any wedding, you tend to reassess your relationship. You are watching this wedding, and you are looking at what you have or cannot have. And I think it raises all sorts of questions about their relationship and its dynamics — that long-distance relationship can be very difficult, ”Newman hinted. “It will really shed light on it. There will be a lot of questions about it.”

But can they Also Is there a possibility of a double wedding by walking down the aisle at the finale? “Please leave that question mark,” Haas played shy, and Newman chimed: Double question mark. “

“Chicago Fire” will air on NBC on Wednesday at 9pm ET / PT.

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“Chicago Fire”: Jesse Spencer returns to Season 10 Finale

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