Chelsea Handler, Jamie Oliver, Chrissy Teigen and more share sweet and delicious summer recipes

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Celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Chrissy Teigen are ready to meet their sweet and delicious summer cravings.

From appetizers to desserts to everything in between, these renowned cooks can create the perfect summer dish thanks to the appetizing recipes shared online.

Beginning the day with breakfast, Oliver spices up traditional omelets with his flashy roasted eggs.

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“Versatile” dishes can be made with an infinite number of ingredients. Some of the favorites of British chefs and restaurant owners are “tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, avocado lime and chili peppers. [and] Mushroom and time. Oliver’s roasted eggs are also available for lunch or dinner.

To create an “Italian apéritif menu like a snack,” Teigen has teamed up with Italian mother-daughter duo Elizabeth and Sophie Minchili.The craving The author of the cookbook will teach you how to add a twist of prosciutto and parmesan cheese in addition to fried olives stuffed with sausage and cheese.

To get a “balanced spread”, add Elizabeth Lemon and Onion Crostini and quench your thirst with Sophie’s Aperol Spritz take.

With a focus on “blissful Italian lifestyle,” Antoni Porowski is the Italian version of a French bistro-style hot sandwich with a twist on the classic croque monsieur, perfect for lunch.

“Croque monsieur” recipe from his second cookbook Let’s have dinner Exchange ham and Gruyere cheese for Mortadella and Provolone. The “Queer Eye” star adds peperoncini (sweet Italian pepper-baked pistachios, basil, and lemon zest) to enhance the flavor, while showing how to make a cheesy sandwich in a recent episode of the “Dreverymore Show.” increase.

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy dinner meal, Mindy Kaling will cover you.

The “late night” actress recommends the recipe she tested, a “strange” but “delicious” grilled gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach. The New York Times. Culling shared a step-by-step video of creating a simple sheet pan recipe on top of pasta with a spicy sauce of horseradish, honey and Dijon mustard.

Summer heat often feels heavy with stuffed animals, but this non-bloating summer salad helped.

Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle blog Poosh shared the perfect debroth aid, a delicious mixed salad of arugula, sweet potatoes, feta cheese and more. This increases carbohydrate intake and prevents swelling.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand, Goop, shared a sweet and delicious recipe for crispy coconut shrimp. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a delicious snack.

Stewart flips the putty over with a California-style Veggie burger. The Martha Bakes TV personality serves burgers with toasted almonds, bread crumbs, roasted red peppers and feta cheese.

For desserts in warm climates, try Stewart’s crispy and elegant waffle cookies. A simple recipe consists of three ready-to-use ingredients to create a “next level ice cream sandwich”.

Or freeze chocolate and vanilla cream and use Teigen’s Instagram ice cream to make homemade ice cream.

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Food Network Canada also offers luxury seasonal menu ideas such as Giada De Laurentiis’ grilled pesto and prosciutto asparagus, and Ina Garten’s lemon poppy cake, perfect for barbecue side dishes.

Finally, learn how to use Chelsea Handler to shake one of the trendiest drinks of the year, the espresso martini. It’s certain to keep you “greatly awake” to have a good time throughout the summer.

Chelsea Handler, Jamie Oliver, Chrissy Teigen and more share sweet and delicious summer recipes

Source link Chelsea Handler, Jamie Oliver, Chrissy Teigen and more share sweet and delicious summer recipes

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