Charlie Barnett says “Chicago Fire” exit “Broke”

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Charlie Barnett looks back on himChicago Fire “.

The actor played Peter Mills in the hit series from 2012 to 2015.

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“”[The show] It was a huge thing that I had never seen actually come. I am grateful to be able to participate in it. It was really sad to let go.It broke me for quite some time, “said the” Russian Doll “star in an interview. Digital spy..

But Burnett finally saw the good side of things.

“Yeah. It was a disguised blessing, and they all told me that,” he added.

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“In general, you never actually see it in life. You never see bad moments becoming good. You won’t. If you do it at that moment I think it wouldn’t have been what it was if I knew what it was, so I’m grateful. “

Charlie Barnett says “Chicago Fire” exit “Broke”

Source link Charlie Barnett says “Chicago Fire” exit “Broke”

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