Cavalry FC unlocks FC Edmonton and maintains football’s dominance in rivals

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Unlocking FC Edmonton has been a puzzle for the Canadian Premier League team throughout the season.

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Even if Eddie’s is a one-win team, their defense is stingy.

However, on Sunday, enemy Cavalry FC came with the key and launched many attacks with Alclassico’s 3-1 victory in the crowded Spruce Meadows.

“Yeah … we unlocked them,” said Cavalry GM / Head Coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr., who worked in front of 4,743 fans in the Canadian Premier League contest. “I thought we adjusted pretty well. There was a really good moment in the first half.

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“I think we kept going ahead of them, and it’s psychological. As long as I’m in command, I want to keep that (undefeated) run against them. “

Indeed, the victory pushed the Cavaliers’ record-breaking record against Eddie to the still undefeated 10-3-0 figure.

And in the standings, they are currently scoring 24 points with a 7-2-2 record after the lossless eighth straight CPL game. This extended the 1st place lead to 2nd place Pacific FC (5-4-4) by 4 points and visited HFX Wanderers FC (5-2-5) on Sunday to drop the result of 3-0. rice field.

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And the 1st Cavalry and the 2nd Pacific Army are facing each other at Starlight Stadium in Langford, British Columbia on Thursday (7:30 pm, OneSoccer,

“Everyone is confident so far,” said young Cavaliers alibim Pepple, who was the key to the attack, scoring two goals in five games in a row. “Obviously, we know what’s in the group without the main players who make up the majority of the team, but we know that the next person will always step up, so that’s it. We continue to give us confidence. We trust our coaches, we trust our abilities, and because we maintain one game at a time, we have already forgotten this and are moving to the Pacific. If you go, you can continue to do that. “

Cavalry FC's José Escalante (center) will put a cross in the box in front of FC Edmonton defender Nyal Higgins at the ATCO field in Spruce Meadows on Sunday, June 26, 2022.
Cavalry FC’s José Escalante (center) will put a cross in the box in front of FC Edmonton defender Nyal Higgins at the ATCO field in Spruce Meadows on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Photo by Jim Wells / /Post media

Between Pepple’s two goals was a rough own goal by Nyal Higgins. This is to provide the host with enough markers to hold yet another Wild Rose Cup to win the trophy each year between the two in Alberta. Professional team. Only two games are being played for that honor among the Alclassico fighters.

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Aside from that, Edmonton (1-4-8), who plays York United FC (2-5-4) at Clark Field (4 pm, OneSoccer, on Canada Day, is trying to improve his run. I was there. Of CPL play after winning the first victory of the year last Sunday.

“It was a great opportunity for us to build, and as a team, we blew it off a bit,” said Eddie’s captain Shamit Shawm. “We came out with flat feet and didn’t start hard in the first half. We can see that Calgary was on the neck from the beginning. We weren’t ready to match the strength of the cavalry. And it can’t appear that way in any game. “

Gabriel Beater (former cavalry outlook) went on strike in the second half of the first half, pasting the high side behind the Cavaliers goalkeeper Marco Carducci at the top of the box. The 45-minute goal gave visitors new hope until the break came, after which Pepple stepped up to send back a penalty shot in the 48-minute.

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Eddie’s got two great chances in the last 15 minutes, but Courtney Smith rushed his illustrious attempt with a considerable feed to the box from Wesley Timoteo-a solid goal-and Cairo. Coor was dramatically robbed of his header by Camargo at the goal-Line.

“I don’t think I managed to manage the moments I needed,” said Alain Cocq, head coach of Eddie’s. “But the cavalry is doing a good job on and off the pitch. We are on the other side — we are not ready to succeed. We have to participate in all the games and fight. No, and we have to fight. We are so inexperienced that we need to understand all the details correctly. In the game (Sunday), there were moments when young players struggled, so I lost. “

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Edmonton goalkeeper Andreas Vaikla led the league with a save of 35, but he was busy and pretty good early on. He knocked out Charlie Trafford’s hot shot in minutes and grew up about 15 minutes later, saving a hard-charged Sergio Camargo from the cavalry rush.

He also tightly looked back at Pepple’s first shot with his first goal, but went down when a rebound from Pepple’s knee missed him. The first goal is due to Elijah Adekugbe, who chased the loose ball from the left sideline set piece, moved smoothly around Edmonton’s defender, and tapped inside the pepper.

“Elijah is great and a friend of my close family, so I know what he can do,” Pepple said. “I always know that the last ball will be great from him. I could be in the right place and the ball was perfect.”

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FC Edmonton's Tobia Swarschski (left) and Cavalry FC's Mason Trafford will fight for a fight in the ATCO field at Spruce Meadows on Sunday, June 26, 2022.
FC Edmonton’s Tobia Swarschski (left) and Cavalry FC’s Mason Trafford will fight for a fight in the ATCO field at Spruce Meadows on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Photo by Jim Wells / /Post media

The 26-minute goal helped revitalize the home audience and home team. The home team continued to put pressure on them, eventually being rewarded with Higgins own goals just three minutes later. Jose Escalante, Cavs’ energizer bunny, prevented the ball from crossing the end line and pushed it forward. Edmonton’s defender couldn’t enclose the ball neatly and hit the ball against a twisted goalkeeper in play. Weikura was helpless to see the ball rolling behind him and coming in and out of the post.

In the end, Pepple’s penalty shot gave them early insurance, but it was all the hosts needed to win. While Camargo was charging low along the end line, he was knocked down by Azrael Gonzalez, who was furious to pull the call, and then Vikra dived in the opposite direction to bring Freebee home.

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“I asked for it,” added Pepple, a penalty shot. “We have a great group. Thanks to them — they didn’t have to give it up, but again, it shows a sense of unity in our group.”

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Cavs DF Karifa Yao has returned from a one-game yellow card suspension due to Sunday’s slope … Cavs’ starting XI was: Defenders Yao, Darn Cromp, Mason Trafford, Bradley Briette. Midfielder Ben Fisk, Charlie Trafford, Adekugbe, Camargo, Escalante. And Forward Pepple … the submarines were: Goalkeeper Julian Lorov. Defender David Norman Jr.; Midfielder Marcus Kaiser, Skyler Rogers, Elliot Simmons and Joe Di Chiara haven’t played in any of the games this season. Attacker Ali Musse … Attackers Meyer Bevan (hamstring) and Joe Mason (back), who missed a few games recently, were missing from the lineup on Sunday, as well as young attacker Jean Aniel Assi. It was missing from the lineup. Team up with a Canadian team under the age of 20 for the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying session. The 16-defeat round on Sunday’s penalty kick to Guatemala ended Canada’s run to qualifying … Other scratches on Cavs include goalkeeper Tyson Farago (back) and defender Tomfield (knee). , And forwarded Anthony Novak (ACL) and Fraser Aird (ACL).

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Cavalry FC unlocks FC Edmonton and maintains football’s dominance in rivals

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