Casinos with the best payouts in Canada — new trend

Gambling online is always entertaining, and it is more interesting than gaming as it brings money and adds more excitement to the process. Annually, gamblers in Canada spend much on casino games on the internet.

Statistically, over 31 billion CAD is spent on these games, and the Canadian gambling industry is flourishing. Even services connected with gambling “eat” 14 billion dollars of the country residents every year. Meanwhile, Canadians like spending money on this excitement. Moreover, many of them make more money than they spend here.

They often choose exactly Canada casinos online — these gambling houses have better payouts than land casinos. Therefore, these casinos, which attract people to enjoy internet gambling, deserve special attention.How can it happen?

Newbies might now know all benefits, which virtual casinos bring to their clients. They cannot understand how these high-payout institutions work and what (for example), the RTP means. Go on reading this article, and you will find here all answers to these and other questions.

Casinos with the best and very high payouts provide the highest percentage of payout. In simple words, this “payout percentage” is the amount, which a casino working on the internet returns to the player relative to the sum he spends there. The best payout casinos online are extremely generous. Some people cannot understand this generosity, but it is justified. Huge payouts attract more customers to the casinos, and, as a result, it makes more money. All games there, including blackjack, poker, and slots have cool payouts.

The theory can seem to newbies to gambling vague, and here, we will explain to them the algorithm of the payouts work. Let us say that a player made bets for 100 dollars, and the casino has the payout rate (return to player which is also called RTP) 95. It means that in theory, the gambler will get at least 95 dollars and lose (if not wins) 5 dollars.

Here is another case: gambling, you have spent 200 dollars in a casino with high 98% payouts. Use simple math, and you will see that you can expect to get back at least 196 dollars.

Why do then some gamblers say that they lose much more than the promised sums?Here, we are talking about the average RTP. The player must make at least a thousand bets to get this payout. Besides, playing longer, he has more winning chances than the gambler, who stops the game after a dozen of losses. The RTP percentage is always calculated in the long run. Therefore, it will be senseless to blame a casino for cheating you if you played just 5-20 games and stopped gambling after it.

How to choose an internet casino in Canada — additional criteria

Naturally, high return to player is very important, but additional criteria should be also taken into account when you are choosing a casino working virtually, on the internet:

  • Withdrawal time. It is a meaningful factor for all, who are going to gamble online, not to try games in a Demo regime. It will be great if a casino could pay your wins in 1-2 days. When it holds the money you won for weeks, the fun and desire to gamble there further simply disappear.
  • Small deposits. Newbies dislike risking much in the very beginning. They will prefer to play at a casino with low deposits. Come of these casinos ask for 10, 15, 20 dollars as the minimal deposit, and this is a good sign for newcomers.
  • Safety and security. Naturally, you must always check if the casino has a license (it must be valid). Reading reviews on the casino will be also helpful.

The best payment methods to withdraw wins

The promised speed of a casino withdrawal also depends on the methods and payout systems you use for cashing out. For instance, players, who gamble for cryptocurrencies, know that they can withdraw money on their Bitcoin and altcoin wallets immediately.

When it comes to Skrill and PayPal systems, the cash out is also very fast. However, when you use a bank card, you can wait for your money for up to 5-6 working days. Bank transfers take even more time.

How can you withdraw money won in the game?

When you have finished the game and see that you have managed to won, you can cash your win out. Everything might seem very simple, but newbies should better learn more about this process.

  1. Log in to your casino (the password and the name of the user are needed here);
  2. Visit the page called Cashout (withdrawal);
  3. Pick the sum you are going to withdraw;
  4. Pick the payment system that will be used for this transfer;
  5. The billion information that is asked by your virtual casino must be also typed.

Now, you will have to wait for the moment when you get your money: that’s it.


Internet gambling is always a fantastic pastime and a great way to make money on fun. However, it is very important that you must not lose much in the very beginning of your gambling experience. Therefore, register at a casino that has the highest payouts.

Reading this article, you could learn much about:

  • The idea of the best casino payouts;
  • Examples of withdrawals;
  • Criteria you must pay attention to when picking a casino;
  • The fastest payment systems to withdraw wins;
  • Step by step instruction telling how to cashout.

Hope, this information will be always helpful for you.



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