Carefree student life: myth or reality?

Student years are considered to be the happiest and most carefree because in this time the aspirations of young people are aimed not only at self-development, learning, and finding themselves but also in search of new emotions and experiences. At the same time, some of us consider students to be almost slackers, while others are very responsible and busy people. Let’s find out which of them is right, and is student life carefree?

We should note right away that the concept of carelessness and ease everyone has his own. And everybody creates a charter of life “for himself”. Therefore, it is impossible to speak about carelessness or saturation of student life in general terms. Nevertheless, we will try to look into this issue on the example of the most common myths that have been ” strolling ” in our society for many years.

Myth #1

While studying it is possible to have a party every night: go to a nightclub, spend time with friends, etc.

Refutation: of course this scenario is possible, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Studying at the university involves not only attending lectures but also preparing papers (diplomas, term papers, essays, etc.). This means that after classes, students need to spend some time, at least to find the necessary information (to be at least a little bit ” on the topic “), and at most – to analyze the found material and to express their opinion (in writing) on its basis. Or at least students should take care to apply to write my essay online. So students do not have much free time. That is why it will be physically as well as mentally difficult to organize an evening out.

In addition, not every student can afford to spend money every day on a restaurant, expensive cocktails at a nightclub, or a “cart” of groceries to organize a party in the dorm.

Myth #2

Studying at university is so easy that even the most obtuse person can master modern programs of study.

Refutation: indeed, modern programs of disciplines are designed in such a way as to calculate the workload to the number of hours. So if you do your assignments on time and manage your schedule, you won’t have much difficulty.

Of course, no one can guarantee you no stress, easy learning, and a friendly teacher. But it will be hard only the first few years, and then you’ll see how the system works, learn how to manage time, learn the characteristics of teaching each teacher, and will no longer feel discomfort.

But it’s not that simple. The fact is that the modern system of education assumes that the student will find most of the information on the subject on his own. And it is impossible to do without the skills of self-study and the desire to acquire new knowledge. So, just to have fun and get a diploma will not work, and small-minded people, as before, have nothing to do in the university.

Myth #3

Living in a hostel is better and more fun than renting a house

Refutation: those who have not lived in a dormitory, it is associated only with noisy companies and entertainment (because there are no parents and a lot of friends). This is just one small puzzle of the big mosaic.

  • First, you have to share the living area with other students (both good and bad), and this is uncomfortable.
  • Second, there is always a lot of noise in the dorm, which interferes with studying.
  • Thirdly, the lack of personal space and the need to “adjust” to someone provokes conflicts and psychological imbalance in the team.

And this list could go on (for example, the lack of a personal bathroom, the possibility of theft of personal belongings, shared kitchen, etc.).

That is why today’s students prefer rented apartments to university dormitories (if, of course, their financial capabilities allow it).

Myth #4

Those who study well and diligently are not respected

Refutation: this prejudice is outdated. Of course, individuals with a defective system of moral values can afford to be abusive. But no one is safe from such people anywhere. Smart people are loved and respected everywhere, especially among students, who are often looking for someone to help them cheat off, explain an obscure theorem, or tell them what the previous lecture was about.

Myth #5

If you have not slept well at night, you can take a peaceful nap during the lecture.

Refutation: such an episode can be a good scene for a movie, but in reality, a student should be very lucky to close his eyes somewhere among the back rows for at least a minute. The fact is that almost all teachers today use an interactive form of lecturing. A student must not only take notes but also participate in the discussion of points and offer his/her variants of answers. So it is almost impossible to sleep unnoticed and sleep at all.


If your college days are not fun and stressful, you can make them bright and almost carefree:

  • Plan your time well and get your assignments done on time.
  • Attend all classes as much as possible and communicate with teachers.
  • Try to do well at the beginning of your studies, then there will be a better chance of ” allowances ” in the future.
  • Increase your motivation to study by doing required assignments every day, and repeating the goal of your studies (career growth, getting a favorite profession).
  • Always treat yourself in your free time and don’t immerse yourself in your studies.
  • Be aware of your cultural development (visit exhibitions, museums, conferences) and broaden your horizons.

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