Cardiologist saves lives of two runners at Monterey Half Marathon

Monterey, California.Base Runner and Cardiologist Stephen Lome “I never expected to need such specialized skills outside of work,” he says. While he ran his half-his marathon in Monterey with his teenage children, Social media To share his story, he says he encountered a runner who needed chest compressions.

“Three miles in, a runner collapsed in front of me. Cardiac arrest. fatal arrhythmia),” says Lome. “One shock and normal heart rhythm Restored. ”

Lomé helped the male runner into an ambulance with paramedics and noted that the runner was awake, alert and stable before being taken to the hospital. Monterey Half Marathon Race Director John Ellison said to Monterey Herald After the first incident, he thought, “It was a once-in-a-decade event in a half marathon.” However, his second incident occurred towards the end of the race, surprising Lome.

“I was a little exhausted and kept running to finish the race. I threw my arms in the air over the finish line when another runner collapsed in front of me. Completely out, no pulse. Start CPR.” I did,” said Lome. “Within a minute or two, race his volunteers brought his AED (defibrillator). Put a pad on his chest.”

Lomé said the runner received one shock with a defibrillator and resumed chest compressions. “he [the runner] Open your eyes and say, “Why am I here?” Then stop his watch and try to get up. ” This runner was also sent to the hospital.

Ellison shared that both men were middle-aged, experienced runners and felt ready to race.On Twitter, cardiologist Lome shared his view. What are the odds that in one race he will have two cardiac arrests and both will make a full recovery (usually he is only 5% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors)?

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After the event, Ellison and Executive Director of the Big Sur Marathon Foundation Josh Prister, visited the two men in hospital and found the runner to be fine. We were both stunned by what had happened, but thanked the people who had saved our lives.

Lomé thanked the event’s medical volunteers for being able to carry a life-saving AED as quickly as possible, but Ellison said the real hero was “the other runner who performed the first CPR. The moral of the story.” I think everyone should learn CPR and be prepared to use it.

Monterey Bay Half Marathon
Photo: Big Sur Marathon Foundation

Rome says Still in disbelief at what happened, he encourages others to learn from his experience. “This is why we need to focus on preventing heart disease, because sudden death is the first symptom of heart disease in 1 in 3 of him, and 2 of them nearly died.” .”

What are Lome’s suggestions from his professional career for maintaining heart health? “Eliminate processed foods, significantly reduce or eliminate animal foods, and eat as much unprocessed, plant-based foods as possible. Concentrate on things,’ he is the most important part About heart health. ”

Cardiologist saves lives of two runners at Monterey Half Marathon

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