Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec accused of sexual assault in class action lawsuit

Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec, once considered the frontrunner to become pope, has been accused of sexual assault and is on the list of clergy and parish officials named in a class action lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Quebec. I’m inside

A woman identified as “F”. Court documents filed on Tuesday show that at an event in Quebec City in 2010, Ouellet made several unwanted touches, including slipping her hands into her back and touching her buttocks. He blamed Ouellet for the incident.

“That day, more than any previous meeting, F. understood that she had to get away from Cardinal Mark Ouellett…the fears she was feeling were more present than ever,” the lawsuit said. .

In a class-action introduction petition filed Tuesday, F. alleges he was sexually assaulted by Ouellet between 2008 and 2010 and by Father Leopoldo Manila Varsha between 2016 and 2018.

The lawsuit involving Ouellet is one of two class-action introductions filed by Montreal-based law firm Arsenault Dufresne Wee Avocats. Two of his class action lawsuits were recently approved by a Quebec judge, and the law firm gave him 90 days to submit referral documents detailing the alleged crimes. was given.

Attorney Justin Wie said in an interview Tuesday that it’s “inevitable” that more people will turn against the church in the coming weeks due to a class action lawsuit filed by his law firm.

In the first lawsuit in which Ouellet was named, 101 victims accused about 88 priests or parish officials of sexually assaulting them. said, but declined to comment.

In a second lawsuit, 193 victims accused 116 members of the organization of sexually assaulting friars at a French-speaking Christian school in Canada. Brothers did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

According to the lawsuit involving Ouellet, F. met the cardinal in 2008 when she was 23 and was working as a pastor’s intern in the Archdiocese of Quebec. At the time, the cardinal was the Archbishop of Quebec and “the most important person in the archdiocese,” Wie said.

“If the most important person… can do something like that, you can imagine what others can do,” he said. When the best-placed person is[alleged]to be sexually misconduct, it means a lot.”

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According to the complaint, after dinner at the Sisters of Charity in Beauport, Quebec, in August 2008, the cardinal massaged F.’s shoulders and stroked her back in a conference room.

“F. remained frozen in the face of this intrusion and did not know how to react,” the lawsuit states.

In November of that year, the Cardinal kissed her on the cheek and said, “Even though we had only met once or twice before, I hugged her affectionately, held her tight, and put my hand on her back.” caressed the

In 2010, at a colleague’s installation, Ouellet is said to have told F that he could kiss and hug him again because he had only seen him for the second time in a week. .”

The Cardinal then allegedly kissed her on the cheek, hugged her, and “slid his hand along F’s back and onto her buttocks.”

According to court documents, when she tried to talk about the cardinal’s alleged behavior, F. said that Ouellet was “very friendly” and that she wasn’t the only woman who had that kind of “problem” with him. I was told no.

In 2020, after F attended a sexual assault training session, she began to have “flashbacks of what she had experienced with Cardinal Marc Ouerret,” suggesting that the clergy’s actions “made non-consensual contact of a sexual nature.” Because it constitutes sexual assault,” the lawsuit said.

Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, Ouellet was considered the frontrunner to become pope. At the time, Italian media reported that Ouellet was tied with Italian Cardinal Angelo Scola in early voting in the Sistine Chapel, with Jorge Bergoglio (who would eventually become Pope Francis) coming in third. Ouellet reportedly persuaded fellow cardinals to back Bergoglio.

F. wrote a letter to Pope Francis about Ouellet in January 2021 and was informed a month later that the Pope had appointed Father Jacques Servais to investigate her allegations. As of summer 2022, “Marc’s conclusion on her complaint against Cardinal Ouellet has not been sent to her F,” court documents said.

Wie said F. tried to contact the Vatican more than a year and a half ago but received no response, so “she can assume it wasn’t taken seriously.” .

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on August 16, 2022.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec accused of sexual assault in class action lawsuit

Source link Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec accused of sexual assault in class action lawsuit

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