Cardi B hits back after Twitter user accuses husband Offset of cheating on Saweetie

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Cardi B is hitting back at Twitter users attacking her and husband Offset. On Wednesday, a Twitter user who identified her as a “Nicki Minaj lover” and claimed to be her stylist sent numerous hate messages towards Cardi.

The individual said before stepping in to respond when asked when the rapper was going to pay for one of her lawsuits, specifically a 2020 lawsuit related to a bar fight that turned physical. I antagonized Cardi for hours.

“Why are you lying to me and the girls, because everything is open to me. Giving money doesn’t do me any good.” , after you got out of jail for stealing 3K, I’m really in trouble for actually making something up just because you decided to come for me.” There is,” Cardi tweeted.

and follow up tweetshe denied that anyone involved in the incident had stolen clothes from other people.

When Twitter users brought up Offset and his criminal record, which consisted of several minor drug offenses and weapons possession charges, the 29-year-old dismissed their comments.

“Oh, my man got a couple of weed guilt and gun guilt because he wasn’t a P***y, he was a hustler,” she continued. Take P***y from b***….You bring up my n*** trying to piss me off…Don’t talk about your husband now.”

The phrase “Don’t talk about your husband” started trending on Twitter. Fans speculated that the comment was referring to Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty.

Petty’s sex offender registry was the result of a 1994 incident in which Jennifer Huff, then 16, reported that Petty had raped her at knifepoint. Petty, who was 16 at the time, was charged with first-degree rape. He initially denied the accusation before pleading guilty to attempted rape. He served more than his four years in prison and was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Minaj, who defended her husband against criticism on social media, married Petty in October 2019. They have her 1 year old son.

Cardi, who has previously locked horns with Minaj, seems to have accepted a user’s unconfirmed claim that she worked with other rappers. When she accused Wheatie and Cardi of cheating, Cardi accused the Twitter user of lying about her “without a receipt.”

“No, you are lying!” Cardi wrote. “You start lying crazy, put a female rapper in and no receipt. 5 days ago you came out of jail out of the blue and lied for 2 hours with no receipt!”

Later, when the drama subsided, the rapper blamed another user who accused him of reacting back and forth as a PR stunt. girl defending an***a who went live with me,” Cardi wrote. “Let him fight his own battle he started! If you get hit, you need a stunt.”

Offset, who recently filed a lawsuit against his former record label, Quality Control, has yet to publicly comment on the accusations.

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Cardi B hits back after Twitter user accuses husband Offset of cheating on Saweetie

Source link Cardi B hits back after Twitter user accuses husband Offset of cheating on Saweetie

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