CarbonCure celebrates field-leading carbon removal partners, Canada Business Journal

Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 15, 2022 — A climate technology company deploying a range of carbon dioxide removal technologies throughout the global concrete industry. CarbonCure Technologies is a credit buyer who recognizes its carbon removal. These leaders and supporters of high quality carbon credits make a significant contribution to CarbonCure’s global scale. To date, the company’s technology has reduced and eliminated more than 146,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon Cure, the winner of the Carbon XPRIZE Grand Prize, is tasked with reducing and eliminating 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions each year by 2030. CarbonCure’s suite of technologies instantly mineralizes captured CO2 when injected into fresh concrete during manufacturing. If the CarbonCure concrete is later demolished, the mineralized CO2 will not return to the atmosphere.

CarbonCure sold its first carbon credits to Stripe, a payment software provider and early purchaser of frontier carbon removal, in 2020. And we first bought Shopify, a global commerce leader. It demonstrates key climate leadership with a commitment to spend $ 5 million annually on the world’s most promising technologies and projects to combat climate change.

Today, CarbonCure’s carbon credit buyers are the first sectors to invest in permanent and verifiable carbon removal, including Wellington Management in the financial sector, Hut8, a cryptocurrency miner and data center innovator, and Mapbox and Zendesk, which represent the technology sector. There is one.

CarbonCure is also building partnerships with major carbon credit platforms such as Abatable, Patch and Pledge to drive increased carbon credit sales that will help expand the carbon market.

Robert Niven, Chairman and CEO of CarbonCure, said: Their purchases are accelerating the adoption of Carbon Cure technology by concrete producers. We are proud to offer high quality carbon removal credits that are measurable, verifiable, scalable and currently available. ”

“The carbon market is the catalyst for innovation and scaling solutions,” Niven added. “We are working to expand our technology globally and dramatically expand our carbon storage business, so we will take this moment to help our partners remove CO2 and ensure a sustainable and livable climate. I commend the effort. “

CarbonCure’s methodology for calculating carbon credits was approved in 2021 by Verra, the world’s most widely used voluntary greenhouse gas credit program. CarbonCure measures and tracks CO2 from the point of recovery to mineralization, allowing carbon credit buyers to track the exact deployment date and location of CO2 paid for removal.

“In December, we delivered more than 500 CarbonCure systems sold and delivered 2 million trucks of sustainable carbonated concrete to construction sites around the world. And as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in June, 15 We have reduced and eliminated nearly 10,000 tons of CO2, “said Niven. “CarbonCure has grown from a single-product company to a vertically integrated carbon removal solution across the global concrete industry, which results in carbon dioxide emissions, one of the world’s most difficult sectors to decarbonize. Will be reduced. “

About CarbonCure Technologies

Architects, structural engineers, owners and developers are looking for proven ways to reduce the embodied carbon in building projects. CarbonCure Technologies, a fast-growing carbon dioxide removal technology company, uses carbon recovered by concrete producers to produce reliable low-carbon concrete mixtures that can differentiate them in the market and are easy to adopt. I have developed a solution. With over 500 systems sold, over 2 million trucks of CarbonCure mixes are being supplied to a wide range of sustainable construction projects around the world. CarbonCure’s cutting-edge research and innovation has earned worldwide recognition and prestigious titles, especially the highest awards of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the 2020 North American Cleantech Company of the Year, and the Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame Company. I am. Investors at CarbonCure include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon, BDC Capital, Pangaea, Microsoft, 2150, Carbon Direct, GreenSoil Investments, Taronga Group, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

About Abatable

Abatable is a UK-based carbon procurement platform for corporate buyers, carbon project developers, and intermediaries. The company provides market intelligence and carbon project underwriting tools to corporate offset buyers and institutional investors. The founding team includes Maria Eugenia Philmanovich, a former vice president of Goldman Sachs, who has advised companies on forestry investment and carbon procurement, and Valerio Magriuro, a former product manager of Monzo, Google and Facebook. included. Abatable is funded by venture capital from Y Combinator, Blue Bear Capital and GlobalFounders Capital. For more information, please visit

About Mapbox

Mapbox enhances a new generation of intelligent location recognition applications, vehicles, and businesses in both the physical and digital worlds. The platform is designed to help businesses stay in control of their data and build customizable experiences, with great privacy features. Mapbox fully integrates with your company’s valuable data, with over 3.5 million registered developers, over 650 million active users, over 2.1 billion miles of data, and over 100,000 mobile updates per day. Meet current and future needs with more than 5,000 customers. Mapbox enables companies that maintain full control of their data to democratize their creative experience and build customizable experiences with great privacy features. For more information on Mapbox, visit

About patches

The patch is building an infrastructure for a sustainable economy by enabling gigaton-scale carbon removal. With Patch, companies can incorporate climate change measures into their products and neutralize the carbon impact of everyday transactions such as shipping, travel and financial services. From API integration to direct purchase capabilities, Patch is a market for businesses and consumers to seamlessly contribute to reliable removal projects of all sizes. Visit for more information.

About pledges

Companies of all sizes use Pledge to understand and manage the climate impact of their products. By providing tools and infrastructure, Pledge automates the delivery of climate solutions such as footprint measurement, reduction and offset to the customer journey.

About Stripe

Stripe began purchasing carbon removal in 2020 with an initial commitment of $ 1 million. Today, tens of thousands of Stripe users are spending some of their revenue on purchasing carbon removal through Stripe Climate. Stripe and its users have promised to buy $ 15 million from 14 carbon-removal startups in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

About Wellington management

With a history dating back to 1928, Wellington Management is one of the world’s largest independent investment managers, serving as a trusted advisor to more than 3,200 clients in more than 60 countries. The company manages over $ 1.4 trillion for pensions, funds, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, fund sponsors, global wealth managers and other clients. As a public-private partnership with investment management only, the company can align its long-term views and interests with those of its clients. The company offers comprehensive investment management capabilities across almost every segment of the global capital markets, including equity, fixed income, multi-asset, sustainable investment and alternative strategies. With more than 900 investment professionals in offices around the world, Wellington combines an independent investment team working in an entrepreneurial “boutique” environment with deep interdisciplinary research resources. For more information about a company or its sustainable investment efforts, please visit or

About Zendesk

Zendesk launched the customer experience revolution in 2007 by making customer service available online to any company in the world. Today, Zendesk is a great service champion for everyone, with over 100,000 brands and hundreds of millions of customers through phone, chat, email, messaging, social channels, communities, review sites, and help centers. It supports billions of conversations that connect. Zendesk products are made with the love of being loved. The company was conceived in Copenhagen, Denmark, built and grown in California, opened to the public in New York City, and currently has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. For more information, please visit

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CarbonCure celebrates field-leading carbon removal partners, Canada Business Journal

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