Cannabix Technologies Announces FAIMS Marijuana Drinking Detector Technology at Texas Impaired Driving Forum, Canadian Business Journal

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannabix Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLO) (OTC PINK: BLOZF) (“Company or Cannabix”) Developer Cannabix’s Dr. Jared Boock performed at the Texas Impaired Driving Forum on February 23 at the Texas A & M Transportation Institute (TTI) with Cannabix and its FAIMS-based detection technology (the first device of its kind). We recently announced an important innovation that has been made.rd.. In addition, Dr. Boock provided technical background on how to sample and detect Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) in exhaled breath and FAIMS (a specific method of ion filtering related to mass spectrometry). It provided a reason to enable powerful portable devices. Of mass spectrometry. The advent of Cannabix FAIMS-based marijuana breath detection technology comes as legislators in the United States and elsewhere are tackling the ever-increasing problem of drug driving.

Dr. Jared Boock, Senior Analytical Chemist, said: Roadside ability. The cannabis industry and lawmakers are virtually stagnant until the tools we are developing are on the market. Very much to have the opportunity to discuss some of the powerful features of FAIMS technology and how it can overcome the complexity of human breathing and achieve detection of specific analytes in semi-volatile species such as THC. I’m happy. The amount of THC is one million times less than the detection of alcohol in exhaled breath. Diligence and innovation are the foundation of the development of a variety of technologies. “

The Texas Impaired Driving Forum attracted participants from all over Texas and elsewhere. This year’s program had many speakers related to the topic of cannabis and driving. The audience consisted of road safety stakeholders specializing in areas such as prosecution, judicial review, prosecution, law enforcement, education / advocacy, prevention, treatment, and highway safety.

Cannabix uses FAIMS technology to detect THC, a non-volatile compound in the exhaled breath. THC breath tests allow law enforcement agencies to quickly and practically identify recent marijuana use that is more consistent with disability than other methods. The Cannabix device is designed and built with a set of modules that can capture, ionize, filter, and detect samples all under atmospheric pressure. Cannabix conducts in-house testing of FAIMS detection units in both portable and lab modes.

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Cannabix Technologies Inc. is a developer of marijuana drinking detector technology for law enforcement and workplaces. Cannabix is ​​working on a drug screening device that uses exhaled breath samples to detect THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes disability. THC breath tests allow employers and law enforcement agencies to identify recent marijuana use that better matches impairment. The Cannabix device is in advanced prototype and preclinical trial stages.

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Cannabix Technologies Announces FAIMS Marijuana Drinking Detector Technology at Texas Impaired Driving Forum, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Cannabix Technologies Announces FAIMS Marijuana Drinking Detector Technology at Texas Impaired Driving Forum, Canadian Business Journal

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