“Candy”: Jessica Biel on Justin Timberlake’s Surprise Role in Crime Nonfiction Series

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Justin Timberlake makes a surprise appearance in Episode 4 “Cover Girl” in Hulu’s crime series “Candy” about the murder of Betty Gore, starring Jessica Biel as the ax murderer Candy Montgomery. The policeman who led the criminal investigation. Of course, Timberlake isn’t the only spouse in the series. Jason Ritter, the husband of Melanie Lynskey who plays Betty, will appear in the limited series as a partner of Timberlake.

While talking to ET, Biel and Lynskey reveal how their husband ended up in the last two episodes of “Candy,” when two police officers are trying to pinpoint Betty’s death. Joked about the on-screen romance of Timberlake and Ritter.

As Beer explains, Timberlake was reading the script “because I ask him for everything I’m doing” when asked who would play the agent. “He said,’Oh, who is playing this character?'” I said, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe someone in the locals. No money left.” The actress, who is also the executive producer of the series, recalls. “And he goes,’I want to play it.'”

“Justin’s news came first and I thought it was very cool. Obviously, he would bring some interest to the project from his own fan base,” said Pablo, who plays Betty’s husband Alain.・ Schreiber says. “And it’s like a big family, just because married people get to work together on the same set.”

When Timberlake was added to the cast, co-creator and showrunner Robin Fight was urged to cast a liter after seeing a photo of him with a mustache. “Robin was like,’Wow, Jason seems to be in the 80’s,'” Linsky recalled. “She was inspired by the cool, edgy look of a firefighter in the 80’s.”

Schreiber adds: And that was amazing. So I was really happy when the casting came out. “

Sadly, Ritter’s mustache didn’t appear in the series (“He had to get rid of the mustache anyway,” says Linsky), but it’s on his screen with Timberlake. Did not interfere with the relationship. The two have a considerable relationship and are most often seen in the cross-examination scene with Candy.

“They were very nice together. Obviously Jason is a comedy genius and Justin is his own right. And the way they work with each other and the improvements they made are great to see. “That’s right,” says Beer.

The chemistry they display in the series has spilled over into real life. “They are the best,” Biel said, adding Lynskey: [and] There was a lot of debate about their personality. There was also a long phone call. “

Beer and Timberlake went to Instagram on Wednesday night to share their behind-the-scenes photos with the characters.

“Berry fake, hair fake, mustache are real. Meet Duffy,” Timberlake captioned his post.

Beer writes with her post: There is a new sheriff in the town. “

When it comes to their bromance, Biel says, “It’s pretty adorable.”

“Candy” is streaming on Hulu.

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“Candy”: Jessica Biel on Justin Timberlake’s Surprise Role in Crime Nonfiction Series

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