Canax does not rush to the mirror.But once they decide, it can shape the franchise

Jonathan Tanner Miller must come from a family of 30 siblings. Each is named J-something T-something. This is because JT Miller appears to be trading daily for a month. Still, on the eve of the National Hockey League entry in Montreal, he was still part of the Vancouver Canucks.

“You guys ask me more about JT than any other team,” Kanax’s general manager Patrick Allbin joked after arriving in Montreal for a draft starting Thursday night. “I would like to continue talking to JT (about contract extension). Again, he was the best player for us last year and a really really good hockey player. We are definitely players, especially I don’t want to give out our best players. “

Allbin said last week that 99-point scorers have signed contracts until next season, so Kanax doesn’t feel the urgency to make a decision to keep or trade the mirror before next week’s draft or free agent. .. Operation Jim Rutherford.

However, the draft is a significant pressure point, and by Wednesday it is possible that more teams than reporters had spoken to Allbin about Miller. Not 29.

The market value of power forwards is very clear. Tomas Hertl is north of the eight-year $ 65.1 million deal signed to remain in San Jose Sharks in March. Miller has outperformed Hartle by 74 points in the last three seasons, but the next deal will start at age 30 instead of 28.

Another player, more skilled but inferior to Miller, Kevin Fiara has just signed a seven-year, $ 55.1 million contract with the Los Angeles Kings. However, Fiara will be 26 years old on July 22nd.

Fiara’s deal a week ago from Minnesota Wild also set a market minimum for Miller’s deal to offset Canax.Kings surrendered 19th Pick in the first round on Thursday and make a B-plus outlook with the defensive block favourite.

In addition to being better players than Fiala, Allvin and Rutherford need more to get the cost certainty of another season under contract for $ 5.25 million.

Given Miller’s age, the pressure on Canax’s salary caps, and the youth of almost every other core player, contract terms have always been considered a major obstacle to re-signing in Vancouver.

The team reportedly offered Miller a six-year contract.

Whatever Kanax chooses to do, and remember. Miller can decide where he will play after next season. It can shape the franchise over the years and define this early stage of the Rutherford-Alvin era.

So far, the most obvious sign of this past winter’s change of power in Vancouver is the availability of media that Canax set up on Wednesday with Allvin, NHL’s first Swedish general manager, and assistants GM Émilie Castongauy and Cammi Granato. was.

When Rutherford hired her in January, Castongeye became the league’s first women’s annual meeting. Two weeks later, Granato became second. After New Jersey Devils announced the promotion of Kate Madigan on Wednesday, there are now five women in that position all of a sudden.

“Sometimes it’s just one domino you know, you need to fall,” Castongeye said during her zoom call. “I think the glass ceiling broke there. Then I knew that the locks would open. I think there are a lot of qualified women in these positions. My recruitment and Jim are making it. If .. .. I admire him because a very positive decision opened the door to the rest of the league and women in this industry. I just accepted the job, but he gave it to me. Did you provide? “

On another phone, Granat told reporters: Previously, “Well, women can’t do this job, or women aren’t qualified. Women don’t know hockey.” But that’s not true. It’s just a prejudice or a myth. These prejudices can change, as so many women are currently represented. It’s very exciting. “

Former player agent Castongeye oversees everything related to Kanax contracts and collective bargaining agreements. She is learning to manage a canax salary cap. Granato’s mission in running hockey includes overseeing the Scouting department.

Both are involved in Mirror File, and Castongeye signed a three-year, $ 19.5 million deal last week.

Wednesday is a hockey Canada scandal that includes a civil lawsuit in 2018 alleging massive sexual assault by an unnamed junior player to NHL’s newly empowered women Granat and Castongeye. It was the first time I had the opportunity to ask about. I am currently planning to participate in the NHL.

The league is conducting its own research, with MPs grilling hockey Canada President Scott Smith and retiring CEO Tom Lenny holding another hearing in Ottawa on July 26-27. increase.

“I only know for us in the hockey world. We need to be better about these kinds of things and how to treat them, which is unacceptable and should happen. I understand that there isn’t, “Granat said. “We need to do this well … How do we see these issues? Instead of brushing under the rug, we need to deal with them.”

Castonguay said: But I also know. .. .. There are really good people who want to do the right thing and want to do the right thing. Hopefully the league has reached the bottom of it, and perhaps (NHL) is better as we need to reveal. “

• Allvin feels healthy as Kanax’s defenseman Tucker Poolman skates and exercises, playing only one period in the last three months of the regular season due to neurological complications from migraines. I said there is. Allvin hopes the defense will be playable as the next season begins. .. .. He said Canucks Vasily Podkolzin and Andrei Kuzmenko are unaware of the issues that prevent them from leaving Russia to play in Vancouver next season. Wild superstar Kirill Kaprizov is being sought in Russia to buy a forged military ID card in 2017, according to reports on Wednesday.

Canax does not rush to the mirror.But once they decide, it can shape the franchise

Source link Canax does not rush to the mirror.But once they decide, it can shape the franchise

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