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Canadian design It is as diverse as our population and landscape.There is a strong emotional connection with tradition
And historic buildings. In the new design, it is prevalent in contemporary aesthetics, tailored with smooth, natural materials and textures. The mix of tradition and modernity is a very Canadian design brief. When it comes to decoration, we’re all about the mix. Canadians are undoubtedly more bold and more creative in their decorative style. Overall, Canadian home design is highly influenced by hotels and resorts, with five-star amenities and smart technology.

My favorite thing about Nova Scotia It’s the sea.I love living on the beachside of the coast, there is saltiness and the sea
Breeze and foghorn. It’s great to be within minutes of the numerous beaches and hiking trails. The coastline is breathtaking and the sea and sky are constantly changing. In all types of weather, it is fascinating. There are many heritage buildings unique to Nova Scotia.Lifestyle is simple and unpretentious, crowded
There is a lot of traffic and there is no parking problem.

Location, local culture, natural environment It definitely has a clear influence on my design approach and aesthetics. I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and inspired by the coastal palette, texture and local language. Sense of place and suitability are key to my design approach. I aim for materials and choices that don’t look out of place or conflict with the local lifestyle in their settings.It’s a casual side door culture, drop-in
Norm. Whether your visitors still have fishing tackle or appear to be wind-blown and soaked, they welcome you to pull up your seat and have a thread.

I want to design a project Located on the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island, near Margary Harbor, with views of the winding highlands and Cabot Trail along the coast.

Photo by Janet Kimber,

Portrait by Mark Burstin,

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#CanadianDesign With Carol Reed-Home Trends Magazine

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