Canadian Wetlands, Unlimited Ducks Canada and Hauser Partners to Protect Canadian Business Journals

Grande Prairie, Alta, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE Newswire)-Duck Unlimited Canada (DUC) and Weyerhaeuser. (NYSE: WY) today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding that includes a new $ 250,000 over five years of understanding (MOU) funding promise. The new MOU is working together to demonstrate our long-term commitment to wetland and waterfowl responsibilities throughout Canada’s business area of ​​Warehauser in temperate and cold forest areas of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Provides a framework for both organizations to work.

This conservation agreement is a long-standing partnership between Marc Hauser and DUC. The MOU includes some of this important work landscape, the ongoing development of best management practices designed for protected natural habitats that help inventory carbon storage in wetlands for effective carbon accounting 5 Wetland Stewardship Report identifies areas for future collaboration and knowledge sharing that will be involved in the creation of the annual project, and A.

“This partnership ensures that conservation is at the top of the mind and that important habitat is preserved through our Canadian landscape, reflecting the common values ​​of holding both DUC and Weyerhaeuser. “Larry Kaumeyer, CEO of DUC, said. “Weyerhaeuser embraces the use of land conservation as well as best management practices, conservation leadership and knowledge sharing that underpins our common interests. We are pleased to enter this agreement with them. increase.”

DUC’s mission is to restore, manage and conserve wetlands and their associated habitats for the benefit of North American waterfowl, wildlife and people. Found in more than 85 northern forests of wetlands across the country, the northern regions of Canada are a high priority for DUC conservation efforts. These store liters of water, millions of filters that support wildlife species, wetlands and huge amounts of carbon. To date, DUC has affected more than 121 million acres, thanks to the support of many partners such as Hauser, including the entire northern region.

Warehauser’s corporate mission, planning and forestry projects to promote community involvement in sustainable forest use, closely aligned with DUC conservation work in harvesting and regenerating natural forest landscapes. In a way that supports wildlife habitats and minimal impact on forest biodiversity.

“Wearhauser is excited to build on a long-standing partnership with unlimited ducks in Canada,” said David Graham, President of Warehauser Company Limited, a Canadian subsidiary of Warehauser. “DUC is a proven and committed partner, and our collaboration is to enhance our sustainable forest management practices and help us maintain steward habitats among the great forests of Canada. We provide valuable science-based data and information for our forestry use. ”


Duck’s National Northern Program Unlimited Canada (DUC) has over 20 years of work experience in government, indigenous peoples, and industry to develop comprehensive, science-based solutions for conserving northern wetlands. .. DUC is a registered charity and wetland conservation leader.

Founded in 1900, Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands and one of the largest manufacturers of timber products in North America. Weyerhaeuser manages timberlands under a long-term license in Canada, fully and sustainably, in compliance with internationally recognized forest standards.

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Canadian Wetlands, Unlimited Ducks Canada and Hauser Partners to Protect Canadian Business Journals

Source link Canadian Wetlands, Unlimited Ducks Canada and Hauser Partners to Protect Canadian Business Journals

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