Canadian Snowbirds run aground after BC crash

The Royal Canadian Air Force grounded the Snowbirds aerobatic team after one of its aircraft made a hard landing in northern British Columbia last week.

Maj. Gen. Ian Huddleston, commander of the 1st Canadian Air Division, announced a moratorium on all flights for the team’s tutor CT-114 aircraft on Wednesday after consulting with flight safety experts and the Pentagon’s deputy minister for materiel. I ordered. Air Force.

In the August 2 accident at Fort St. John, British Columbia, one aircraft was damaged in a hard landing shortly after takeoff, but the pilot escaped unharmed.

The incident is still under investigation, but the Air Force says it will conduct a separate “extensive risk analysis” with the goal of getting the TutorJet back into the air safely.

According to the statement, “RCAF’s airworthiness systems will assess whether the accident and its causes pose any risks to the continuation of flight operations, and if so, what mitigation measures will be taken to mitigate those risks. We will assess whether it is possible to take

The nearly 60-year-old aircraft will be in service with Snowbirds until at least 2030.

The plane landed in late June while the Air Force investigated a problem with the device that sets the timing of the aircraft’s emergency escape parachute.

Canadian Snowbirds run aground after BC crash

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