Canadian Screen Awards to make next year’s acting category gender-neutral

Canada’s best film and television awards will be gender neutral.

Organizers say next year’s Canadian Screen Awards will eliminate categories dedicated to male and female performers in favor of gender-neutral categories.

The Canadian Film and Television Academy said it “will better represent the country’s diverse talent community”.

Instead of four film categories, each honoring Best Leading Actor or Actress and Best Supporting Actor or Actress, there are two categories honoring Best Leading Performance and Best Supporting Performance.

Several genre-based TV categories have been renamed as well. For example, the Best Leading Comedy Actor and Actress contest is becoming the “Best Leading Performer” in comedy.

Previously, five candidates were allowed in each category, but now eight candidates will be considered, the academy said.

It added that the changes were based on “extensive consultation efforts completed over five years” and input from “40 major industry organizations.”

Academy President John Young said in Thursday’s release, “By ensuring that every performer in Canada is eligible for recognition from their peers, this is a progressive and necessary move towards a fair screen-based industry.” I believe that this is an important step.

The move comes in the wake of an industry-wide shift away from gender-specific awards such as the Toronto International Film Festival’s Tribute Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards, which recently announced their debut in 2023. Announcing the gender neutral acting category for the 2019 edition.

The Junos Awards, Grammy Awards, British Independent Film Awards, and MTV Movie & TV Awards also have gender-neutral categories.

The Digital Media Performance category of the Canadian Screen Awards has been gender neutral since 2019.

“As Canadian Academy, we recognize that it is our duty to ensure that all performers have the opportunity to fully participate in our awards program and the industry at large, and this move brings us closer to that goal. We can,” said the Academy’s interim CEO. Luis Calabro said in his statement:

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Canadian Screen Awards to make next year’s acting category gender-neutral

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