Canadian Screen Awards switch to gender-neutral performance categories

The Canadian Screen Awards will move to gender-neutral performance categories next year.

Instead of awarding separate awards for Best Actor and Best Actress, there is now one winner in each category.

In the film category, awards are given for lead roles and supporting roles. In the TV category, awards will be set for the Best Actor and Supporting Actress in the Drama and Comedy categories, and the Best Actor Award in the Television Movie category.

The number of nominations for each award will increase from 5 to 8.

In a statement, John Young, president of the Canadian Academy of Film and Television, described the move as a necessary step towards an equitable, screen-based industry.

In the same statement, Interim CEO Luis Calabro said it was the Academy’s duty to ensure that all performers had the opportunity to participate fully in the awards program and the film and television industry in general.

“This move brings us closer to that goal,” he said.

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The change is the result of five years of extensive consultation involving 40 industry groups, according to the Academy.

It also comes with many other award shows moving into gender-neutral performance categories. spirit award and the British Independent Film Awards.

The Canadian Screen Awards celebrate the nation’s top talent in film, television and digital media. They started in 2013 after the merger of Genies and Geminis, which had given separate awards for film and television respectively.

Performance categories in the Digital Media Awards Stream have been gender neutral since 2019.

The 2023 edition of the awards will be distributed over a week in April next year.

Canadian Screen Awards switch to gender-neutral performance categories

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