Canadian Player Ratings: Davis Redeemed, But World Cup Hopes End

AL RAYYAN, Qatar – The Canadian Men’s National Team’s first World Cup campaign in 36 years comes to an end this Thursday.

Andrej Kramaric and Marko Livaja wiped out Alphonso Davies’ early opening goal in 67 seconds to score Canada’s first goal in the men’s World Cup and lead Croatia to a 4-1 win.

The loss will see Canada eliminated in the group stage and end Group F action, regardless of the outcome of Thursday’s match against Morocco.

Here are the player ratings during the whistle for all Canadian starters:

Ratings are based on a 10 point scale. Anything over 6, the normal average for soccer ratings, is considered strong or above.

Canada at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Canada will return to the FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1986. Sportsnet reporters and insiders will receive full coverage from Qatar on all platforms.

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Milan Borjan (goalkeeper): 8/10

Milan Boljan’s ratings fell before the second half started.

His reluctance to steer clear of the line and collect the passes that came his way was unique. This allowed Livaja and Kramaric to seize what they believed was the lost cause.

Boljan then made four solid saves, including Kramaric in the 55th minute, to keep Canada within reach until the third goal, a reminder of his heroism in World Cup qualifiers.

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Alistair Johnston (right back): 7/10

Alistair Johnston coped well considering he was in isolation all night. Having to face Ivan Perisic or Borna Sosa alone is a tough job.

Johnston won four of seven defensive duels. Not bad, not at all.

Steven Vitria (centre back): 6/10

Vitoria’s push-up decision, which vacated Livach’s wide lane just before half-time, was one of his obvious mistakes that night.

As usual, Vitoria’s distribution was decent, although he missed a few passes under pressure, he remained strong in the air.

Kamal Miller (center back): 4/10

Four days after his Man of the Match performance, Kamal Miller struggled more often against Croatia’s quick attack and midfield.

Miller’s turn and aerial defensive weaknesses were exposed on the first and third goals. A fourth miss clearance didn’t help either.

It’s a shame, after playing so well in the transition against Belgium.

Richie Laria (left back): 6/10

Sunday was not eventful for Richie Laria, but he was solid behind when Canada needed him.

The only hope the Canadian had for La Liere was more influence in the final third, but the Croatian defense rendered that task futile.

Tajon Buchanan (right wing): 7/10

Tajon Buchanan’s brisk start was negated by lazy fielding duties. Croatia were clearly attacking the right flank, with only Johnston covering the entire flank.

But Buchanan undoubtedly had the energy when called upon, as he was a relentless threat in transition and assisted Davis’ first goal.

Achiba Hutchinson (Midfielder): 5/10

Atiba Hutchinson, 39 and out of action for three days, was clearly struggling to keep up with the pace of play.

Croatia may have 37-year-old Luka Modric in midfield, but he still plays incredibly smooth and fluid football. Unfortunately, Hutchinson learned it the hard way.

The fact that he stayed on the pitch for 73 minutes is pretty amazing considering those struggles.

Stefan Eustaquio (Midfielder): 9/10

Steven Eustakio was great again before withdrawing due to a suspected injury.

He did not miss a single pass in 27 attempts and completed five clears, tackles and interceptions before checking out the game at halftime.

Depending on the severity of the injury, this could be a big blow for Canada ahead of Thursday’s game against Morocco.

Alphonso Davies (left wing): 8/10

Credit Alphonso Davis. The Bayern Munich superstar scored the first-ever goal for the Canadian men’s national team in his Cup World Cup after one of his most heartbreaking moments in the team’s history. It requires tremendous mental strength.

He also tried to get his team back in the game, often single-handedly taking on Croatia’s defense after losing 1–2. The last ball didn’t always come off. He completed two of his six dribbles and a key pass.

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Jonathan David (Forward): 6/10

David looked timid and hesitant compared to the Belgian game.

Cyle Larin (forward): 5/10

After a strong performance against Belgium, Larin was relatively unknown. He took none of his shots and just he finished with 14 touches.

Larin is a forward that needs to be actively involved, so the fact that he was too low profile didn’t help unlock his best qualities.

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Canadian Player Ratings: Davis Redeemed, But World Cup Hopes End

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