Canadian intelligence reports warn that militant groups are “actively recruiting” troops and police-nationwide

The far-right militant group is “actively recruiting” past and present members of the military and police, according to a declassified Canadian intelligence report obtained by Global News.

The report cited 17 examples from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand that “show the crossroads between ideologically motivated violent extremism and uniformed personnel.”

Six of the cases involved members of the Canadian Army or reserves.

“The IMV radical group is actively hiring uniformed personnel,” said the Government of Canada’s threat assessment. IMV is an acronym for Idealistically Motivated Violence.

“Several alien exclusion and anti-government / anti-authoritative violent extremist groups are openly recruiting current and former military and law enforcement personnel.”

The group includes the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Boogaloo movements, as well as the Sleeper Center, a so-called patriot group that participated in the assault on the US Capitol on January 6.

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“Although there are a small number of members in all states, including military, former military, and police members, the movement is growing in Canada,” said the Sleeper Center.

On November 17, 2020, the Report of the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Center, labeled Confidential, was published under the Access to Information Act, but important parts were edited.

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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) said it was last year.

“> After a few members are publicly linked to a radical group, crack down on hatred in that class.

“The CAF recognizes that hate groups pursuing racial hatred and violence are actively recruiting CAF members,” Canadian Army spokesman Derek Abma answered questions about the report. Said.

He said members were not allowed to associate with terrorist organizations, who could be investigated and face disciplinary action and liberation from the military.

“CAF is not a pathway for learning skills to advance the agenda against the mission of protecting all Canadians and their lifestyles,” he said.

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All Canadians featured in this document were previously identified by the press, but the report shows that federal authorities are assessing the threat posed by the recruitment of extremist soldiers. increase.

Members of the Canadian Army were involved in extremist ideology, recruitment of others, incitement to violence, disruption of plans, and acts of violence, according to the report.

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Former Canadian reserve army accused of neo-Nazi arrest in the United States

Former Canadian Reserve Army accused of neo-Nazi arrest in the United States – January 16, 2020

Among them was Boris Mihajlovic, a “prolific contributor” and administrator of the neo-Nazi online forum Iron March.

“He joined Canada’s reserve army in early 2016 and showed that his rationale was to gain combat experience for the final racial war,” the report said.

He was released from the Navy last year.

Another reserve, Cameron Brandon, said, “We posted extensively in white supremacist chat rooms to celebrate the targeted killings of gay Jewish men by members of the Atomwaffen Division in 2018 against Jews. He expressed the need to take true violent actions. “

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He joined the Canadian Army in 2015 and left in 2018, it said.

Eric Migrand, a member of the Canadian Ranger, posted “showing online support” and “anti-government / anti-authoritative sentiment” to the three Parcenter and Odin warriors, the report said.

The Integrated Terrorism Assessment Center reports on the recruitment of “unified personnel” militants.

ITAC develops terrorist threat assessments shared with Canadian and foreign agencies.

“This shows that NATO countries are considering far-right extremism, which is good,” said Evan Bargod, Executive Director of Canada’s Anti-Hate Network, when he presented the report. Said.

But he said some of the emphasized groups were only important to the United States, and the more general so-called accelerationist groups were not dealt with.

“This is one sign that there is probably expertise and development that must be carried out,” he said.

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Patrik Mathews, a reservist and member of The Base, who was arrested in the United States in January 2020, was also nominated. Prosecutors alleged that he recorded a video calling for racist violence.

Cory Haren, a member of the Canadian Rangers who plunged into the gates of Rideau Hall to “arrest” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on July 2, 2020, was also nominated.

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What is the motive for Rideau Hall intruders?

What is the motive for Rideau Hall intruders? – July 7, 2020

The report also states that in an online chat room, a user named Rusty described himself as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

In a discussion about the creation of a white supremacist nation, Rusty said, “I was seen by other members as a leader and asked for his advice on training, weapons and tactics.”

“He encouraged members of the group to join the reserve to benefit from the training,” he said. “So far, Rusty’s accession to the army has not been substantiated.”

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On Friday, the United States charged several former Marines working at the Iron March Neo-Nazi Forum in a plot to attack an energy facility.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network reported on August 10 that the Canadian Reserve had briefly posted to Iron March. William Condy regretted it and said it had changed.

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Canadian intelligence reports warn that militant groups are “actively recruiting” troops and police-nationwide

Source link Canadian intelligence reports warn that militant groups are “actively recruiting” troops and police-nationwide

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