Canadian Business Journal to validate the legitimacy of all fuel experts

Toronto, Ontario, March 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —As part of an effort to protect Ontario citizens from the dangers posed by fraudulent fuel workers, the Technical Standards and Safety Agency (TSSA) has announced its third annual “Trunks”. Start recognizing “Lamar”. Enforcement program. In line with the theme of the 2022 Fraud Deterrence Month National Campaign, Spoofing Fraud, this year’s “Trunk Slammer” Awareness and Enforcement Program campaign confirms Ontario homeowners’ qualifications as fuel service professionals. The aim is to ensure that you understand the importance and methods of reporting illegal workers and scammers. To TSSA.

Trunk slammer and unsafe technical work

Uncertified gas technicians and unregistered contractors, also known as “trunk slammers,” are known for using cheap, unsafe materials to do cheap labor and operating from the trunk of a vehicle.

Sam Sadeghi, Legal Liability Officer for the TSSA Fuel Safety Program, said: Public security report. “Improper installation and inadequate maintenance of fuel-burning equipment has been identified as a major source of risk in these areas, so Ontario citizens are only those approved by TSSA to perform fuel-related work. It’s important to hire. ”

TSSA spoofing and malicious sales reps

In light of recent incidents involving fraudsters impersonating TSSA representatives, TSSA also urges Ontarians to be vigilant for door-to-door sales and telemarketing salespeople who sell fire pots, water heaters, and energy services. In some cases, individuals who look and sound legal are not.

During an outbreak recently reported to TSSA, the resident received an automatic Robocall identifying the company as TSSA, saying the company wanted to arrange a furnace inspection. Upon further inquiries, the company changed its proposal to say that the company would come to see if the resident was eligible for an energy refund. A few weeks ago, a man pretended to be a TSSA fuel safety inspector and went to the door to sell the furnace to the owner of a newly purchased home.

“TSSA representatives are not working on appliances and will not sell products or inspection services to the residents of Ontario,” Sadeghi said. “Furthermore, if someone calls or arrives at the resident’s house and says that the resident needs a furnace inspection, it is just a sales call and the resident is not obliged to obey.”

There are limited circumstances in which TSSA visits a resident’s home. In all of these situations, TSSA personnel present their business cards and carry badges to prove their identity. In case of doubt, the resident should call TSSA to verify the identity of the individual.

Know who is who before engaging

“Homeowners are encouraged to check and service their furnaces and fuel burners annually with a TSSA-registered contractor to protect them from the dangers of CO and fire, but homeowners are encouraged to do so. Their doors are their doors, unless you have made a reservation in advance, you need to look for and confirm the contractor and make sure no one in it comes, “said Sadeghi.

Under Ontario law, furnaces and fuel-fired appliances must be maintained by TSSA-registered contractors, all of which are listed on the TSSA website. Registered contractors need to hire extensively trained and certified gas technicians aimed at keeping people safe at home.

Ontario citizens who believe they have been targeted by TSSA spoofing should immediately report the incident to 1-877-682-TSSA. TSSA also urges the public to report technicians who are not certified as unregistered fuel contractors. These technicians endanger Ontario residents with the crude technical skills of fuel-burning appliances.

“We only notice these situations when people report to us or the police,” Sadegi said. “We want people to know that there is no negative impact of reporting these incidents, so we encourage people to do so.”

Guidance and resources

For additional information and access to safety resources, please visit the following web page:

About TSSA

Throughout Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Agency (TSSA) enforces state safety regulations to enhance public safety. TSSA regulates the safety of amusement equipment, boilers, pressure vessels, lifts, fuels, operation engineers and ski lifts. Its scope of safety services includes public education, certification, licensing and registration, engineering design reviews, inspections, investigations, safety management consulting, compliance support, enforcement, and prosecution activities.


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Canadian Business Journal to validate the legitimacy of all fuel experts

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