Canadian Business Journal Acquires Final Regulatory Approval for Pretivm’s Acquisition of Newcrest

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pretium Resources Inc. (TSX / NYSE: PVG) (“Pretivm” or “Company”) today to complete a previously announced acquisition Announced all required regulatory approvals. The company’s arrangement (“transaction”) by Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX / TSX / PNGX: NCM) (“Newcrest”) has been approved.

Receipt of approval under Canada Investment Law February 25, 2022 is the final regulatory approval required to complete the transaction, and the transaction is subject to the other customary closing conditions of the transaction, March 2022. It is scheduled to be completed around the 9th. After the transaction is completed, Pretivm is no longer the report issuer and expects its shares to be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) and the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”).

Jacques Perron, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pretivm, said: “We continue to believe that this transaction will bring outstanding results to Pretivm and its employees, shareholders, indigenous partners and communities in northwestern British Columbia, and would be possible without the support of everyone, including the Board of Directors. I could not do it.”

Additional information regarding terms and conditions can be found in our Business Information Circular dated December 16, 2021, Pretivm’s profile (, EDGAR (, and our website. It is available on the site (www). / Investmentors / Newcrest-Transaction.

About Pretivm

Pretivm is an intermediate gold producer with a 100% owned high grade gold underground Brucejack mine in northwestern British Columbia. We strive for excellence and our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and local communities. We work on the principles of sustainable development and operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Pretivm contacts
Pretium Resources Inc.
Troy Schultz, Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
(604) 585-1784
Investment @

Media contacts
Alan Bayless, Long View Communications and Public Affairs

Pretium Resources Inc.
Suite 2300, Four Bentall Center, 1055 Dunsmuir Street
PO Box 49334 Vancouver, BC V7X 1L4
(SEDAR Filing: Premium Resources Inc.)

Precautions regarding forward-looking statements

This news release includes “forward-looking information” and “forward-looking statements” in the sense of applicable Canadian and US securities laws, including the Canadian “safe harbor” clause (collectively, “future prospects” here. Information about the outlook “) is included. Local Securities Act and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, Section 21E of the Amended Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, and Section 27A of the Amended Securities Act of 1933.

As much as possible, “plan”, “expectation”, “guidance”, “project”, “assuming”, “budget”, “strategy”, “planning”, “estimation”, “forecast”, “forecast”, “believe” , “Intended,” “modeled,” “target,” and certain actions, events, or outcomes are “potential,” “potential,” “potential,” and “. A similar expression or statement of “possible” or “possible” occurs or is achieved, or the negative form of any of these terms and similar expressions is information about the future outlook. Is used to identify. The forward-looking information contained here includes, but is not limited to: Satisfaction of conditions prior to trading. Pretivm’s expectation that after the transaction is completed, it will no longer be the report issuer and will be delisted from TSX and NYSE. Discussion of future plans, projects, objectives, estimates, forecasts, and related timings.

Forward-looking information is subject to a variety of known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, with actual results, actions, events, conditions, performance, or outcomes being influenced by forward-looking information. It can be very different from what is expressed or implied. If the transaction fails altogether, including, but not limited to, the result of failing to end the transaction on the expected timeline, or failing to meet the remaining conditions preceding the transaction. The transaction does not provide the expected benefits to Pretivm and its stakeholders. Changes in laws, regulations, and government practices. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak. This includes our business and workforce, as well as New Crest’s work and workforce. Gold and silver futures prices and other metal prices. Market competition, the geopolitical, economic, licensing and legal environment in which we do business, and other risk websites identified in Pretivm’s public disclosure document submitted to SEDAR through the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR. (collectively “PretivmDisclosure Documents”). This list does not cover the factors that may affect our forward-looking information. Attempts to identify important factors that may cause actual results, actions, events, conditions, achievements or performance to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking information, but cause consequences, actions, events, conditions, etc. Factors may exist. Performance or outcomes that differ from what was expected, estimated, or intended.

Information about our future outlook is based on management’s assumptions, beliefs, expectations and opinions on the day the statement was issued, many of which are difficult to predict and may be beyond our control. I have. In connection with the forward-looking information contained in this news release, we are, among other things, certain about our business and business, and that no material events occur outside of our normal business and business processes. We are making assumptions (except when explicitly stated). Described here); Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak (including our business and workforce). Ability to obtain the required regulatory approvals in a timely manner (if any). Our ability to meet the terms prior to the arrangement contract to complete the transaction. Newcrest’s ability to obtain all, if any, timely permits, licenses, and regulatory approvals required for operation. Appropriate financial resources for us and New Crest. Sustainable work stability and availability of equipment. Maintaining a positive relationship with a local group. Favorable equity and dead capital markets. Financial and capital market stability. As of the date of this news release, we believe that the assumptions inherent in the forward-looking information are reasonable, but these assumptions are significant business, social, economic, political, regulatory, competitive and other. Affected by risks and uncertainties, contingencies and other factors. This can result in actual actions, events, conditions, results, performance, or outcomes that may differ materially from those predicted by forward-looking information. We warn that the above list of prerequisites is not exhaustive. Due to other events and circumstances, actual results may differ materially from those estimated, predicted and expressed in the forward-looking information contained in this news release.

Additional information regarding future prospects and risks and uncertainties regarding the key factors or assumptions underlying such forward-looking information can be found in the Pretivm Disclosure Documents. Information about the future outlook does not guarantee future performance. Actual results and future events may differ materially from those expected from such information, and there is no guarantee that the information regarding the future outlook will be accurate. Forward-looking information, including forward-looking statements, is inherently uncertain, and our actual performance or other future events or circumstances may be subject to various risks, uncertainties, and other factors. It may differ materially from what is reflected in future outlook information. Not limited to those mentioned in this news release and Pretivm Disclosure Documents. For the above reasons, readers and future investors should not place excessive reliance on information about future prospects.

We undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking information as a result of new information, future events, or other consequences, except as required by applicable law. Neither TSX nor NYSE have approved or rejected the information contained herein.

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Canadian Business Journal Acquires Final Regulatory Approval for Pretivm’s Acquisition of Newcrest

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