Canadian Business Journal, a new research center dedicated to addressing the growing importance of mental health and wellness

Ambitious research explores absenteeism and future-proof investment in workplace mental health.
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Ottawa, April 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadian Conference Committee Today we announced the establishment of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Center (MHWRC). This new research center provides meaningful, actionable insights and better support for all Canadians through ambitious research investigating important aspects of workplace mental health.

Dr. Susan Black, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Conference Committee, said: “As we continue to navigate the pandemic and beyond, our research at MHWRC investigates the increasing importance of mental health and well-being for employers and employees.”

Increasing evidence shows that the increasing cost of mental illness to society is unsustainable. Center for addiction and mental health The financial burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at approximately $ 51 billion annually, with $ 6.3 billion reportedly due to reduced workplace productivity. In addition, mental illness accounts for about one-third of short-term and long-term disability claims and 70% of workplace disability costs. After passing COVID-19, many Canadians have reported serious concerns and anxieties about the future.

“The physical and mental health of our society is directly related to the vitality of our community,” said Gaikomier, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Desjardins Group. We need to constantly assess our mental health and make sure we support Canadians. We have partnered with the Canadian Council to establish this new research center and build better solutions in the workplace. We are proud to have gained valuable insights to help you. “

The center will work with founding members Desjardins Insurance, Sun Life Financial and Lundbeck Canada to investigate the impact of workplace absenteeism and future-oriented investment in workplace mental health, and withholding feedback from center members. Study additional topics that have been done.

“Prioritizing employee mental health benefits all organizations,” said Erin Mills, director of human capital and workplace health for the Canadian Conference Committee. “Improved mental health leads to higher productivity and engagement, lower turnover, and creates a healthy and respectful work environment that everyone feels valued and supported.”

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About the Canadian Conference Committee:

The Canadian Conference Committee is Canada’s leading independent research organization. Our mission is to empower and inspire leaders to build a stronger future for all Canadians through credible research and unparalleled connections. Follow the Canadian Conference Committee on Twitter @ConfBoardofCda..

About the Desjardins Group:

Desjardins Group is the largest co-operative financial group in North America and the fifth largest co-operative financial group in the world with assets of $ 397 billion. In 2021, Mediacorp ranked it as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Desjardins offers a wide range of products and services to individuals and businesses through its extensive distribution network, online platform, and subsidiaries throughout Canada to meet the diverse needs of its members and clients.According to, ranked in the strongest bank in the world bunker The magazine De Jardin has one of the highest capital adequacy ratios and credit ratings in the industry.

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Canadian Business Journal, a new research center dedicated to addressing the growing importance of mental health and wellness

Source link Canadian Business Journal, a new research center dedicated to addressing the growing importance of mental health and wellness

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