Canada’s New Vaccine

Canada announced that it will introduce a vaccine passport from September 2021.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said he is working with a Canadian province to collect data on vaccines.

Canadian vaccine passport

Your vaccination passport contains information about whether you have been vaccinated twice, where you have been vaccinated, and when you received it.

This vaccine passport may be available around September / October 2021.

Some Twitter users weren’t too crazy about the idea of ​​a vaccine passport in Canada

The federal government works with the state to collect data. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed Canada’s vaccine passport with Prime Ministers across the country, all supporting the initiative. You can also download the Covid19 Vaccine App from the federal website.

The federal government needs to get all the data from the state and integrate it into the federal program. The federal government has also shown that the state can use this passport as a national method for proof of vaccination.

Quebec has announced that vaccine identification is required to access businesses such as gyms and restaurants. States like Alberta and Ontario were 100% opposed to this idea.

From the beginning, we have made it very clear that we do not promote or accept vaccine passports.

As a general rule, I think it violates the Health Information Law and may also violate the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Law.


Jason Kenny

Alberta Premier

Trudeau states that it is the state’s responsibility to integrate vaccine passports. He said Quebec was pleased to proceed with the internal vaccine passport, but said it was up to Alberta to make their own decisions. He said different states would do different things.

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Canadian Vaccine Passport Canadian Vaccine Passport

Canada’s New Vaccine

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