Canada Carbon reports its outlook results in Asbury Properties, Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada Carbon Inc. (“Company” or “Canada Carbon” or “CCB”) (TSX-V: CCB), (OTC: BRUZF), (FF: U7N1) are the first analysis results from rock samples taken as part. I am happy to announce it. A 2021 geochemical survey of its Asbury property (“property”) (see news release dated 21 July 2021). The purpose of Canada Carbon was to investigate the identified conductors in the property to see if they could be explained by graphite mineralization.

This study confirmed that all conductors tested had a graphite mineralization effect (Figure 1), but multiple conductors have not yet been tested. The length of the confirmed conductor is 350-1,075 meters. The 1,075 meter long conductor contains a grab sample with a gradient of 21.5% Cg, located in the northeastern section of the property. This sample is near the potential folding of graphite mineralization, increasing its thickness and potentially providing a considerable size. The interpreted crease was also near the display of MC-8805, returning 8.14% Cg over 18.9 meters (St-Pierre, 1988). Historical grab samples near the show returned 2.67% Cg and 2.31% Cg (Mathieu & Lafrance, 2013). About 250 meters northeast of the above fold, there are two grab samples containing 5.85% Cg and 18.8% Cg.

Only 30% of conductors have been tested. Arranged along the VTEM anomaly is the main target of the next exploration study, consisting of trenches and channel sampling along multiple conductors, better defining their thickness and volume. In addition, a ground TDEM survey is already planned in the spring of 2022 to cover the conductors. This allows conductors to better define their positions while defining the areas closest to the surface. This allows companies to optimize their programs and dig into their targets efficiently.

Ellerton Castor’s Chief Executive Officer said: Limited surface exploration work allowed us to more clearly define the potential of the property by discovering high-grade graphite mineralization. We are excited to plan a trenching program that will reveal an additional foundation to our technical team. This allows you to better investigate multiple conductors of a property. We are reassured by the fact that all conductors tested so far have been caused by graphite mineralization. We also plan bulk samples for metallurgical testing to ensure that the quality of graphite is suitable for commercial use. It is important to note that the graphite production from the historic Asbury mine was located in the same geological unit of the property. A meeting with the Notre Dame Duraus municipality is already scheduled to discuss the results and outline the next steps.

Advancement of Asbury property development plans is important to our key strategic goals. 1) We will continue to focus on nuclear graphite products to take advantage of the original purity of Miller Deposit. 2) Demonstrate our ability to serve multiple industries through a powerful program of product certification and metallurgical testing. 3) Provide supply security to potential customers through the development of multiple deposits. “

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At SGS Laboratories, rock samples are prepared by passing 2 mm and drying to 75%, grinding (> 3 kg), and passing 75 µm to reflusplitting (250 g) and grinding (mild steel) to 85%. .. Graphite was analyzed using the SGS Lab’s GC_CSA05V package. This package consists of roasting, HCL leaching, burning, and infrared measurement (Leco) with a reporting limit of 0.05% Cg to 50% Cg.

Qualified person
This press release was produced by Steven Lauzier of P. Geo of OGQ. In addition, Pierre-Alexandre Pelletier, P. Geo OGQ, is a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the geological information provided in this news release.

Mathieu, G., Lafrance, B., 2013. Rapport des Travaux de Prospection, Projet Asbury. Focus Graphite Inc., GM67860.

Rive, M., Latulippe, M., Gobeil, A., Duquette, G., Marcoux, D., Vallières, A. , 1984. Rapportdes Géologues Résidents – 1983. Ministère des Ressources Naturelles. , DV84-06.

St-Pierre, S., 1988. Journeaux de Sondage, Campagne d’Automne 1988, Projet McGill. Stratmin Inc. GM48577.

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Canada Carbon reports its outlook results in Asbury Properties, Canadian Business Journal

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