Can You Get Caught Using Essay Writing Services?

Using an essay writing service can constitute academic dishonesty, especially if you study at a prominent university. However, there are ways so you won’t get caught. Find out what they are in this article.

You have to deal with too much schoolwork, and you’re too tired to do them because you’re a working student. A classmate told you to hire someone to write your essays. However, you’ve wondered if hiring an essay writing service is cheating because you’re writing your paper yourself. What if your professor catches you?

This article will discuss what you need to know when buying essays online. For example, if you hire the paper writing service Superiorpapers for your papers, what are the chances of being caught? Should I risk it? Is there a way to buy essays and not get apprehended? Then, kindly continue reading to learn more.

Is It Illegal to Hire a Writing Service?

An essay writing service is legal, and you can use it to write model essays. As a student, you can hire writers for your academic papers. Essentially, a ghostwriter is creating content for you. You own the copyright after paying for your ordered paper. The essay is now your property, and the ghostwriter has nothing to do with it anymore.

If you’re asking if it’s cheating, it remains a grey area because you get the full rights to the essay after paying for it. Of course, your professors won’t like it if they know you didn’t write it yourself. However, if you’re not concerned about ethics and morality, using an essay writing service can suit you.

Are There Risks for Buying Essays?

You may worry about the severe consequences you may face if you buy an essay online. For example, some reports said some freelance writers harassed the students, and some schools imposed strict punishments for learners violating their code of conduct.

Here are some risks you may face if you buy essays online:

1.    You’re cheating yourself.

Custom essays are for reference only and not for submission to your teachers. However, if your professor assigns an academic paper, they want to hone your critical thinking skills and create sound arguments essential in life.

In addition, writing an essay is critical to polishing your comprehension and writing skills. Writing an excellent paper means you understood what you read. Therefore, if you submit a ghostwritten article, you’re not only cheating your instructor but also yourself.

2.    You Trigger the Suspicion of Your Professor

A meticulous instructor will know if you hire an essay writing service because they know your knowledge and writing style. In addition, they’ll realize if you didn’t write the paper, especially if you had previous submissions that weren’t at par with your ordered essay.

3.    Your College May Expel You

Your school may kick you out for student misconduct. You should check your colleges’ code of conduct, and you’ll notice academic dishonesty that includes forgery, plagiarism, sabotage, cheating, bribery, and falsification.

If you hire an essay writing service, you always risk being caught for contract cheating and plagiarism. Some schools may only give an informal warning or reprimand, but some colleges may expel their student caught with academic dishonesty.

Some universities, especially in Australia and the U.S., have stricter policies that can even land erring students in jail or pay huge fines.

Can the School Expel Me If I Get Caught Using a Writing Service?

A 2017 research discovered that at least 20,000 students hire an essay writing service each year, and at least 33% were from prominent U.K. universities. In 2018, a Studiosity study revealed that around 31 million students from universities worldwide used essay writing services, and some 15% of them admitted this misconduct.

Therefore, more and more students use custom writing services, and people shouldn’t blame academic institutions for having stricter measures for violations of their code of conduct. For example, New Zealand even has a law criminalizing the promotion and provision of academic cheating services.

However, it’s infrequent for these universities to expel students caught for academic dishonesty. Of the 9,200 cases, educational institutions have dismissed only 143 learners. Therefore, 98% of erring students continued their studies at their colleges. It also means that students are willing to use these writing services even if universities threaten them with expulsion.

Am I Cheating If I Use an Essay Writing Service?

If you prefer to maintain academic integrity, you should only use a purchased essay as a model paper or reference material. Here are some strategies to buy an essay online:

  1. Use the custom paper as reference material to better understand your topic and as a guide for proper citation.
  2. Hire a writer to search for research sources in writing your essay.
  3. Use the custom essay as inspiration for writing your assignment.

Buying from a trusted essay writing service protects your identity. Moreover, the company guarantees that you’re getting original work, and you get full rights once you pay and receive your paper. Therefore, your school won’t expel you for plagiarism.

Is It Worth Hiring an Essay Writing Service?

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software with an improved algorithm to detect even poorly written content, aside from unattributed quotes. However, there’s no way to prove that you didn’t write your essay if it’s plagiarism-free. As a result, more students hire a reliable writing service because they know experienced professionals will write their papers.

If you want to save time, you can hire an essay writing service. Usually, you complain about lack of time because of tight deadlines and voluminous paperwork. But, unfortunately, you don’t have a choice. Moreover, a professional write your paper; therefore, you get high grades.

You may also use a custom writing service if you need help with research. If you don’t understand the topic very well, professional writers can help you. They also help you with essay format and structure. If you don’t know how to write a specific topic, you can order a paper and use it as a model. You may use the sources in your ordered essay to learn your assignment.

How Can I Buy Essays Online Safely?

Here are some tips to safely buy your essays online:

1.    Maintain your privacy.

You should use a fictitious name in creating an account with an essay writing service, but you shouldn’t reveal many details about yourself and your school. This way, no third party can trace your orders.

2.    Don’t mention your university.

You shouldn’t mention your course, school, and other personal details in your conversations with the ghostwriters. Moreover, if you share documents with them, you should erase any reference to your instructor, university, and other details that other people can trace back to you.

3.    Don’t use a public network.

Your online activities have a digital footprint, and people with the resources can track your communications. Therefore, you should be very cautious about transacting with an essay writing service, especially now that authorities focus their attention on this issue. It helps to use a VPN to keep your online activities private.

A VPN masks your IP address; therefore, authorities can’t trace back your activities to your gadget. In addition, you can even hide your location.

If you don’t want your professor to discover you are cheating, you should choose writing services that are reliable and with a good reputation. Legit writing companies don’t disclose your personal information. Moreover, it would be best to read customer reviews before hiring them, ensuring real people write the feedback.

Lastly, it would help if you read your purchased essay to proofread and edit them.

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