Can the Dolphins’ video game offense challenge the Bills?

For better or worse, there are teams you were born to support. Then there is the bandwagon club. Franchises and star players pique your interest, draw you in, and put you down. Each week of the 2022 campaign recaps some of the most promising and disappointing developments regarding the NFL, and he decides whose bandwagon to get on and off, even if it’s just for one week.

Week 2 was pretty dramatic with an exciting finish and some unlikely come-from-behind wins, including two teams who were at least 20 down at halftime. Week 2 marked the first time since 2011 that the Jets, Jaguars and Lions all won in the same week. The Lions actually did so as the favorite and snapped 24 straight games as the underdog.

The 0-2 Bengals are in the middle of a typical Super Bowl loser hangover, but most worryingly, the team hasn’t protected Joe Burrow at all, with most of the losses in the first two weeks. I forgave Sack. They also allowed the most sacks in 2021, but still managed an unlikely run to the championship game.

Nathaniel Hackett earned his first win as a Broncos head coach, but his peculiar decision-making from the sideline continued with a week 2 win riddled with mental errors. is.

No one circles the wagon quite like the Buffalo Bills, and no team’s bandwagon has filled up so quickly so far this season. The 2-0 Bills have seen every facet of a Super Bowl frontrunner.

So which bandwagon will you be joining or leaving after an exciting second week?

Hop-on: Dolphins offense and video game stat line

If you thought the Miami Dolphins resembled the video game team in Sunday’s hard-fought come-from-behind victory over Baltimore, you weren’t the only one. Star receiver Tyreek Hill said of first-year head coach Mike McDaniel:

McDaniel’s play-calling creativity was especially evident in the third and fourth quarters, as they beat the team 28-7 at halftime and 35-14 after 45 minutes. Tua Tagovailoa went 12-for-20 on 150-yard passing in the first half with a TD and two interceptions to Marcus Williams before going 24-of-30 for 319 yards without a turnover in the second half, 5 completed a touchdown. Hill had 190 yards on 11 catches and two TDs. Jaylen Waddle recorded his 171 TDs and his 2 TDs in his 11 catches. It was the first game in NFL history.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson casually broke two NFL records in a losing effort by becoming the first player to pass for 300 yards and three passing touchdowns, plus 100 yards on the ground and a rushing score in the same game. set without He is also the first player in NFL history to record both his passing over 75 yards and his rushing touchdown in the same game. Needless to say, he had his rating as a perfect passer against the Brits. Insane.

And speaking of bringing video games to life, you’ve seen Kyler Murray’s ridiculous 2-point conversion, right? (MJ)

Jump off: Packers Bears in prime time

Take a page directly from a playbook in good morning footballKyle Brandt of ”Spells” this perfectly.

There are ways to appreciate the history of the league and honor an age-old rivalry, but not the Packers defeating the Bears on the stage every Sunday night. (ES)

And speaking of the NFC North Team, who were disappointed in prime time…

Hop on: Jaguars as legitimate AFC South contenders

Have you seen the rest of the AFC South games? Expect the division to be a two-horse race between the Colts and the Titans this season as the Jags and Texans hoped to pick up steam after committing to the draft. It was done.

For two weeks, Jacksonville remained in first place and looked like the best team in the division. The Jags are now leading the league in turnovers thanks to all the mistakes they’ve taken advantage of, leading the Colts to a 24-0 victory on Sunday. The division is 1-5-2 for him, with Jag taking its only win. Trevor Lawrence is efficient and fosters great chemistry with Christian Kirk. Crazy to think they’re looking to upset Justin Herbert and the Chargers this week? (MJ)

Hop-off: Underperforming Colts

Matt Ryan wasn’t in for the Colts’ Week 18 game against the Jaguars that ultimately saw Indy miss out on the playoffs last year, but he could have been part of the club’s fresh start. I have. Hoping for a division title. Not only was Indianapolis shut out in Sunday’s crucial AFC South game, but the team looked utterly uninterested in winning. We’ve been given every chance, but instead, ending September without a win feels like a sure bet.

Hoping the Colts division title hasn’t really taken a big hit says a lot about the state of the AFC South (not even mentioning the Titans’ relegation!), but that’s for another week. It’s a take. (ES)

Hop On: Brian Dabor’s Giants

New York football is… fun now? Between the Jets’ insane comeback in Cleveland and his two-game winning streak for the Giants, that question should be clear. Especially when it comes to the Giants, he’s done more to excite a bemused fanbase in the last two weeks than at any point in the past. 5 years.

All thanks to Bryan Dabor for clearly changing the culture of this club. The importance of Daniel Jones’ performance against the Cowboys on Monday night cannot be underestimated, as on the line he could end up with a 3-0 record. I’m here for the drama (ES)

Jumping off: Elf Brownie and Cleveland in midfield

The Browns have had some truly horrendous losses over the years, and the unlikely L against the Jets on Sunday has to be near the top of a long list. Despite a terrible press-filled offseason jam, Cleveland was less than two minutes from 2-0 and was alone in the top of the AFC North.

It was Cleveland’s home opener, and the first to have the wicked “Brownie the Elf” logo in the midfield (I don’t care about the history of the logo, the Elves are miserable and their eyes can’t be trusted). Was the loss perhaps slightly karmic and part of the new Brownie Curse, or was it simply a series of failures in judgment and execution?

It was arguably an example of why being bored is often better than scoring well. A two-touchdown comeback could not have materialized. They have to bounce back in a big way at home against the Steelers on Thursday. (MJ)

Hopping on: Philly Special Defense

Last week, Mike was poetic about the Eagles’ dynamic offense, and we saw it continue to bloom in front of us at home against the Vikings on Monday night. This week, I’m here to praise the defense — who shut down one of the league’s most dynamic receivers Monday night. The Vikings’ top weapon caught six targets once, intercepting two of them. Overall, the Philly defense intercepted Cousins ​​three times and dismissed him twice on Monday, holding Minnesota to just seven points all night. (ES)

Hopping on: Bucks defense

Let’s end it positively and hop upon Another dangerous defense. I’m not surprised this unit got off to a solid start, just thought the offense played a bigger part in her first two weeks.

The Tampa defense lost a combined 13 points in their two wins, with their only touchdown coming in garbage time last Sunday against the Saints. They have had the most sacks this season, his second-most turnovers, and his fifth-lowest yardage allowed. The defense scored as many touchdowns as they gave up.

They will be tested over the next two weeks, facing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in Week 3 and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Week 4. They’ll be at least 5-2 when they meet the Ravens at Night Game on Thursday of Week 8. (MJ)

Can the Dolphins’ video game offense challenge the Bills?

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