Can Insigne and Bernardeschi turn around the Toronto FC season?

With 13 games remaining in the Toronto FC regular season, he is currently the second worst team in MLS based on points (19). Only DC United has a lower total than TFC, highlighting the dire nature of the 2022 campaign.

But the cavalry is coming.

After a lot of Houpla, Italian forwards Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi will make their TFC debut this Saturday against Charlotte FC. Only 8 points separate the TFC from the Eastern Conference playoff spots, so if the TFC wants to qualify for the postseason, Italy’s International must play.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it can fit into Bob Bradley’s system, and what each can offer Reds when properly deployed.

Behind the numbers

Before diving into each player’s tactical suitability, start with Lorenzo Insigne and use statistical radar to find out their underlying numbers.

Incine hasn’t hit highs in the mid-2010s, but is a productive opportunity creator, both set and open, as evidenced by the 0.22 Assist (xA) per 90 minutes.

However, the 31-year-old ended the season when he scored two non-penalty goals. Comparing Incine’s non-penalty expected goals (xG), xG per shot, goals per shot, and other categories with his classmates in the top five European leagues over the last 365 days, he is between the 5th and 46th percentiles. It is ranked.

Fortunately, the “MLS tax” is the same as for some players who had personal success as soon as they arrived in North America, such as Sebastian Giovinco, Carlos Vela and Josef Martinez. May increase significantly.

In addition, Insine generates a lot of actions to create shots, so you can set up teammates in the box, at least if you can’t find the other side of the net.

Bernardeschi, on the other hand, had a weak Juventus season from 2021 to 22 but the club couldn’t achieve it based on its high standards.

Bernardeschi was not a key player in Juventus. Like Incine, he has been ranked fairly low in the major attack categories among his position buddies for the past 365 days. However, if properly deployed, he is an effective playmaker.

The most interesting point from the radar is the pressure recovery. Concerns about their defensive involvement in TFC are controversial if it is converted to MLS, as both players were effective in regaining ownership from the press.

Maximize insigne

Bob Bradley has switched to an aggressive trio in recent weeks. This indicates that the front three of Lorenzo Insigne, Jesus Jimenez and Federico Bernardeschi may be seen someday.

A 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 formation benefits both Italians. They have previously played in similar formations, mainly with the national team, and in the case of Incine, when they prospered in Naples under Maurizio Sarri in 2015-18.

Incine helped under Sari, scoring a total of more than 16 goals, thanks to Naples’ deadly left Incine trio, full-back Faouzi Ghoulam, and former captain Marek Hamsík. As a result, about 46% of team attacks occurred between 2015 and 2018.

In the clip below, Ghoulam (No. 31) occupies space at the last third depth, and Hamsík (No. 17) drifts to join him and Insigne (No. 24). I am. When Hamsík receives the ball, he passes Alain (No. 5) and shifts Lazio’s defensive form to the center. Unknown to Lazio, Hamsík rushes towards the box, and Incine unnoticed casts a shadow inside the box.

These third man runs have always been the theme for Sari’s Naples. In Third Man Run, players move beyond their two teammates.

The two teammates in the next clip are Hamsík and Dries Mertens, and the third is Incine. Real Madrid’s defense focuses on Hamsík and Mertens, and Incine can burn over Raphaël Varane on the blind side before calming down and converting.

The trio on the left was also important for Italy in Euro 2020. Leonardo Spinazola on the left back was Italy’s leader in indicators that created several open play opportunities. According to Opta.. Spinazola and Incine were unstoppable on that side together, and Marco Verratti also contributed significantly to the success of the forward during the tournament.

Are you familiar with it?

However, Incine suffered after Spinazora was excluded from the injury for the rest of the tournament. He averaged 0.05 xG per shot compared to 0.13 with Spinazola on the pitch, had fewer attempts to pass to the box, and was generally more effective than the first four and a half games of the Azuri tournament. There was no.

Domenico Criscito has been pushing inside to win the back 3 since his debut, so Luca Petrasso seems to play the role of Gouram. Jonathan Osorio or Mark-Anthony Kay needs to recreate Hamsík’s mission, depending on Bradley’s use of a double pivot or trio in the midfield.

Whether those players, and in general TFC, can fully implement the same fluid uptempo style is a very difficult question.

Maximizing Bernardeschi

As you can see, there are many similarities between the ideal role of Lorenzo Insigne and the ideal role of Federico Bernardeschi. The main difference between them is that Incine has a history of consistently scoring at least 10 goals during the season, while Bernardeschi does not.

Of course, the “MLS tax” mentioned above and normal play time can change that. After all, Bernardeschi scored 11 goals in his final season at Fiorentina, where he was one of the leading men, so that’s not unthinkable.

A significant number of Bernardeschi’s goals were scored for the execution of play. His pace and technique pose a constant threat to the 28-year-old whenever those opportunities appear in the TFC.

But Bernardeschi isn’t just fighting back. He loves to take advantage of good vision, dribbling and quick one-two, plus he’s a great crosser.

This can help Hess Jimenez, Mark-Anthony Kay, and Jonathan Osorio, who like to run Laitlan unnoticed by the defenders.

Koshi Thompson may also be a beneficiary. Both Thompson and Bernardeschi like to start big and then drift inward, so they can take turns.

Can Insigne and Bernardeschi turn around the Toronto FC season?

Source link Can Insigne and Bernardeschi turn around the Toronto FC season?

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