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California wildfires displace thousands, affecting course in Western states

The Mosquito wildfires, the largest fires currently burning in California, began west of Lake Tahoe on September 6 in extreme heat. The flames have already burned his 58,544 acres in Eldorado and Placer counties.

Western States Endurance Run (WSER) is one of the most famous ultra-trail races in the world. Runners start the highly respected annual 100-mile race in Auburn, California, and finish at the Placer High School track.

On Tuesday afternoon, the fire flared up and pushed toward the community of Forest Hill, reaching the edge of Forest Hill High School and burning structures across the street. Although visible, it is not clear how many cars and buildings were destroyed in the blaze.

connected with Craig Thornley On Tuesday, WSER’s Race Director. “Right now, life and home are top priority. WSER Trail And our race is a low priority,” Thornley said.

“However, eventually the fire will subside and the U.S. Forest Service will be able to come in and assess the damage to the WS trail and bridge. [aid station] Drive through El Dorado Canyon and Michigan Bluffs before exiting to a single track from Chicken Hawk at a fork. It’s about 10 miles of trail. It’s still unclear what effect the burn scars will have on the growth of the fire,” Thornley added.

Mosquito fire burning near Forest Hill area Photo: USFS

More than 11,200 people were displaced as fires encroached on homes and buildings, and 64 structures, including at least 25 homes, had been destroyed by Wednesday. Cal FireThe fire spread over 8,000 acres overnight and stretches across the Sierra Nevada.

“It continues to push steadily eastward in heavily forested areas with very dry vegetation,” officials said Wednesday morning.But with firefighters now containing 20% ​​of the fire, there’s also some optimism. here.

California wildfires displace thousands, affecting course in Western states

Source link California wildfires displace thousands, affecting course in Western states

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