Calgary Recreation Center, Labor Shortages Affecting the Private Sector-Calgary

Labor shortages create challenges for Calgary as a whole, affecting both the private sector and Calgary’s recreational programs.

One of the biggest impacts on the city is in aquatic-based programming. In recent recruitment sessions, only half of the regular applicants were seen before the COVID-19 pandemic.

City officials said the recreation sector has only 65 percent of the staff needed to provide services and aquatic programs at pre-pandemic levels.

As a result, the city said it needed to save time on some pools and could only offer 45% of its swimming lesson program in 2022.

Word 11 coun. Courtney Penner said he had heard from many Calgarian people about this issue.

“Whether it’s a swimming lesson or a fitness class in the pool, I’m having a hard time attending a class, but people miss it,” Penner said.

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“Things have resumed and I want to return to those communities without staffing them. The Calgarian feels like they’re really missing out.”

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One of the problems, both locally and nationally, is the lack of guards after recreational facilities are closed during a pandemic.

“Many lifeguards and swimming instructors lost their jobs or were unemployed, so they went ahead and found another career,” Lifesaving Society Senior Research Director Barbara Buyers told Global News.

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A pool in southern Alberta in need of a lifeguard

Pool in Southern Alberta in Need of Lifeguard – May 13, 2022

According to Byers, there is currently a backlog of lifeguards and swimming instructors available, as recertification training is required before hiring and no certification program is offered throughout the pandemic.

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“For the last few years, the whole thing, a kind of pipeline or route, has been pretty empty,” Buyers said.

“That is, it’s really scrambled, it’s a labor shortage, and there’s a lot of competition for work.”

Penner said there is ongoing discussion at the city hall on the problems and potential solutions to fulfill these roles.

“As a city, we need to face that need head-on and make sure we offer potential employees the opportunity to learn and train them,” Penner said.

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The lack of staff has forced the city to reduce time at the Village Square Leisure Center. This has caused frustration for many users in the region, such as Mumbain and his fiancé Garsim Lansandu.

According to Baines, there is a lack of lineup and ability to enter the PE department, and a lack of answers after calling 311.

“Some days I feel like I don’t even know if I’m in,” Baines said. “Each (entrance booth) has a closed sign, so I don’t know who to talk to, it’s just chaotic.”

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Calgarians face Canada’s highest inflation rate

After discussing the effects of the time change with other members, the couple began a petition to restore time at the recreation center.

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“There is a general general frustration when going there,” Sandhu said. “You want to go and relieve stress, and you come out feeling more stressed while you are there, or you feel stressed.”

The city has addressed concerns A series of tweetsThe time is based on “staff level, geographic range, historical usage patterns, and projected citizen needs” and will increase as more staff are hired.

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Concerns about lack of lifeguards increased this summer

Raised concerns about lifeguard shortages this summer – June 7, 2022

Shortage of private sector

Nearly 70% of Calgary’s accommodation and food services sector is addressing the impact of labor shortages after two years of uncertainty about pandemic preparedness, according to the latest Canadian Business Situation Survey.

According to a survey, nearly 44% of Calgary companies are concerned that labor issues will limit their growth potential.

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Sixty-four percent of survey respondents find it harder to hire and retain staff than it was 12 months ago, with the majority of labor issues occurring among large companies, construction and manufacturing sectors, and energy companies. It states.

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The Calgary Chamber of Commerce said labor shortages, rising costs and supply chain problems combined the need for government solutions at all levels.

In a statement, Chamber of Commerce President DeAndre Yedlin said, “There are optimistic views on recovery, but the latest research shows key challenges that require a set of solutions developed in collaboration with the government and industry. Is embossed. “

“Everything from an immigration strategy that attracts skilled workers to an investment in higher education that enhances access to training needs to be enabled so that opportunities are not left on the table.”

Government actions proposed to address issues from the Chamber of Commerce include investments in higher education and integrated work learning programs, affordable state childcare programs, and barriers to recognizing foreign qualifications. Includes exclusion.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Enterprises (CFIB) has heard similar concerns from small and medium-sized enterprises, saying that 82% of local businesses have reported concerns.

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“I’ve heard that this problem of staff shortages definitely limits our ability to increase production, sales and business hours,” said Annie Dormuth, Director of CFIB Alberta.

“That is, it’s all about staffing to fill these shifts.”

Click to play video:'Critiques are calling on Quebec to do more because of a lack of lifeguards'

Critics are calling on Quebec to do more because of the lack of lifeguards

Critics are calling on Quebec to do more because of the lack of lifeguards

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Calgary Recreation Center, Labor Shortages Affecting the Private Sector-Calgary

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