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Calgary man sentenced to juvenile age for killing woman in 2007

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A 31-year-old man who stood in a juvenile court prisoner’s box Wednesday was not the same person who murdered a city woman 15 years ago, a judge sentenced him to second-degree murder. .

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Youth Court Judge Todd LaRochelle said she understood why Tara-Ann Landgraf’s supporters had a hard time seeing offenders sentence juveniles.

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“They’re seeing an adult man. They’re seeing a 31-year-old man,” said LaRochelle before accepting a joint filing from Crown and the defendant’s attorneys.

“That’s not the person who committed this crime…you were a 16-year-old boy.”

The judge said the juvenile sentence of up to four years of custody and three years of community supervision, proposed by prosecutor Karla McPhail and defense attorney Gavin Walch, achieved the ends of justice.

LaRochelle said the killer, who cannot be named because of his age at the time, did not have the “blessed” life that many Canadians enjoyed.

Mr. Walch told the court that he had struggled with drug addiction since he was 12 years old and was a typical victim of the intergenerational trauma experienced by boarding school survivors.

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“(The criminals) attacked Mr. Landgraf with a knife in a park adjacent to Burns Avenue, Alexander Street and Ramsay Street,” McPhail said, reading the agreed statement of facts.

“(He) stabbed Mr. Landgraf in a small wooded area in the park on the southwest corner of the intersection of Burns Avenue and Alexander Street. Mr. Landgraf fled across the street to the southeast corner, There[the attacker]stabbed her again.

The victim was stabbed 21 times in the head, neck, chest, upper back and left arm.

The criminals were not arrested until February 5, 2021. He was then made a suspect by his genetic family tree, and a DNA sample taken from him matched documents left at the scene.

Volch said his client, who was found by police lying disorganized on the side of the road, had little recollection of meeting Landgraf.

Before handing down the sentence, the criminals spoke in court.

“I just want to apologize for what I’ve done. I’m just trying to heal myself and be a better man in the future.”


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Calgary man sentenced to juvenile age for killing woman in 2007

Source link Calgary man sentenced to juvenile age for killing woman in 2007

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