Calgary Flames sues six insurers for $ 125 million over pandemic damages

Calgary Flames, a professional ice hockey team, has been insured because the company refused to cover the team’s “massive losses” because the NHL interrupted the match during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has filed a $ 125 million lawsuit against the company.

The team filed a lawsuit in the Queen’s Bench Court in Calgary and nominated six insurance companies as defendants. Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (RSA); Liberty Mutual Insurance; Aviva Insurance Company in Canada. Northbridge General Insurance; and Special Program Group Canada, dBaCan-Sure Underwriting.

According to the complaint, the designated insurance company claimed that “the virus does not cause physical loss or damage” despite the “heavy cost” Calgary Flames incurred in purchasing the all-risk policy, so the team Did not pay any pandemic-related damages.

“All risk policies broadly covered” all risks of direct physical loss or damage, “” the team said in a complaint. “All risk policies cover the loss of revenue and certain other costs if Calgary Flames LP is unable to use the arena or other insured assets due to the effects of external physical hazards. I promised. “

Calgary Flames also argued in the proceedings that the risks covered by the policy included known and unknown risks such as “hazardous substances that make the arena unusable.”

“The COVID-19 and COVID-19 viruses were in the very dangers and covered risks. In short, the Calgary Flames LP is a global set of physical as caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I bought all the risk policies to cover the losses I could suffer as a disaster. “

The team also claimed that insurance did not include broad exclusions against viruses and pandemics, but insurers “provided coverage with narrower and radically different exclusions.”

ESPN Calgary Flames reported in the proceedings that it did not reveal what premiums were in its policy. The sports news agency also said that a defense statement in response to the proceedings had not yet been registered.

Calgary Flames sues six insurers for $ 125 million over pandemic damages

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