Brenda Bisner reveals the driving force behind Canadian Business Journal, one of the most powerful female destroyers in the entertainment industry

Calgary, Alberta, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chief Content Officer of Kidoodle.TV® (owned by A Parent Media Co. Inc.) as one of the most respected names in children’s entertainment. Brenda Bisner is a powerful decades of effort to create a better world for both children and women. In light of Women’s History Month, which was spent studying, observing, and celebrating the important role of women in history, Brenda Bisner found her challenging childhood business with today’s mothers. We look back on how we stimulated our passion as a leader.

“When my career began, it was unusual to see women supporting women.” It was very well understood that there was a “place” to which women belonged, not what women saw, “Bisner said. “Then my takeaway was that I could change the story with my actions and give better power to everyone around me. Now, as a mother of a young woman, my own. Starting from home, we are proud to be able to promote the empowerment of a new generation of women by celebrating women’s strength and achievement of everything. “

Brenda Bisner is a children’s media executive building an IMPACT partnership for organizations that benefit children around the world. She creates destructive and informative opportunities for the intended focused needs of creating a better experience and world for children to flow safely.

After spending decades in media and entertainment, having a career in 22 years of business, and working with countless well-known brands, she is highly loved and respected by her colleagues in her enthusiastic future casting. Digital media magician and expert. In addition to her kindness and courage, her deep passion and her deep knowledge of the rapidly changing digital landscape of children. Brenda Bisner is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences ™ and a member of CHIEF. Her voice and her opinion are so relevant that she is also a judge for the Kidscreen Awards, Juno Awards, Rocky Awards, Webby Awards and many other organizations.

“It’s amazing what Brenda has achieved with Kidoodle.TV over the last few years. She improves our content library and images and provides every child in the world with the opportunity to enjoy content safely. We have shown a constant dedication to this, which is at the heart of our entire mission and to keep our children at Safe Streaming ™, “says Neil Gruninger. President of Kidoodle.TV.

Inspired by fearless women such as Gloria Steinem, Betty White and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Brenda Bisner was carefully selected by children around the world to successfully acquire a children’s media program. We provide age-appropriate content. Kidoodle.TV® is a reliable service for millions of families around the world, and Bisner has played a key role in this aggressive growth of family-friendly content delivery. Brenda is a powerful and inspiring example of a unique, contemporary balance that loves careers, is a mother, and paves the way for more women to do the same.

When asked for advice on what she would give to the next generation of women, Bisner said: Kindness starts with you and is indisputable for everyone you meet. Don’t forget to drink water by saying “please” and “thank you”! “

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Brenda Bisner reveals the driving force behind Canadian Business Journal, one of the most powerful female destroyers in the entertainment industry

Source link Brenda Bisner reveals the driving force behind Canadian Business Journal, one of the most powerful female destroyers in the entertainment industry

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