Boys Jensen Ackles reveals that amazing soldier boy-E!online

Warning: This story contains season 3 spoilers the boys..

Is the soldier boy the homelander’s father?Talk about Amazing Plot twist.

At the last moment of the July 1st episode of Prime Video’s Superhero series the boysSoldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) Call the homelander (Antony starr) And reveal that their abilities are similar for reasons: they are related. The man who turned to the protagonist, a parody of Marvel’s Captain America, learned the truth early in the episode when he took out a former teammate who double-crossed him.

“The situation has changed,” said the Soldier Boy on the phone, who tried to kill the Homelander in a previous episode. “And I thought we should have a conversation.”

The Homelander initially did not accept the unexpected call, but the Soldierboy continued to confess, “In the fall of 1980, I was called to Vogelbaum’s lab for an experiment. There is also talk about genetics. I still remember the penthouse I used. “”

To elaborate on it for the confused Homelander, the Soldier Boy said, “I struck my flesh into a cup. After all, Vogelbaum had a child born in the spring of 1981. Boy.” I add.

Not surprisingly, this admission leaves a word for the Homelander. Especially if the soldier boy wasn’t caught by the Russians, as he admitted that he was willing to stand by his side to put the spotlight on his son. He said aloud, “Who is the father who does not want it for his son?”

Boys Jensen Ackles reveals that amazing soldier boy-E!online

Source link Boys Jensen Ackles reveals that amazing soldier boy-E!online

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