Bonokoski: Failure of federal public services does not stop bonuses

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In an era when budgets were once nearly balanced, getting a job for a federal civil servant meant less wages than the private sector, but it meant big profits and gold-plated pensions.

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not anymore.

The “low wage” angle has been wiped out.

The job of a federal civil servant is a decent sinecure and is too likely to be dismissed to even entertain.

Also . .. ..

Conservative Rep. Kelly McCaulejye, looking at the Treasury Commission Secretariat (TBS) figures, paid civil servants a $ 171 million bonus, even though the sector achieved less than half of its performance targets. I showed that.

As first reported in the National Post, Justice Canada took the lead and spent a $ 16 million bonus on 98% of executives and 1,400 part-time employees.

In second place is the Canada Revenue Agency, a terrifying tax collector, who has spent a $ 13.5 million bonus on 97% of executives and 2,000 part-time employees.

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example. What is the liberal promise to provide clean drinking water for all reserves? Not satisfied, but the bonus was paid.

Phoenix’s payment system for chronic illnesses will not be modified, but bonuses will be paid.

Is the riot over sexual harassment in the Ministry of Defense full of ranks? It will not be fixed, but the bonus will be paid.

“You just shake your head to it,” Macquarie said. “I call it a very expensive participation prize. Whether you fail or not, you get it.”

As of 2020, there were 300,450 civil servants in the federal rank. It is larger than the city of Kitchener and larger than the city of Windsor, but it is about the same as the population of Markham.

So that’s not a little.

But, of course, 89% of public sector executives were offered a bonus. They always feed themselves. This brings a bonus to about 8,000 people, even though the department failed to meet more than 50% of its performance goals.

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However, there were also secondary issues.

The Canadian Civil Service Alliance, the largest federal civil servant union, will win a “big win” in April for federal civil servants who had to use sickness, family vacation, or vacation credits to manage their lives during a pandemic. It states that it was recorded.

It saddened the policy, used its power, and won.

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Marie Claire Perot, the arbiter of the board of directors, said that family leave, sick leave, and vacation leave all have specific definitions in collective bargaining agreements, and vacation time used when employees are willing to go to work but cannot. He said he was not intended to be used as a bucket of sick leave.

“It turns out that asking managers and employees to consider other paid leave is a breach of collective bargaining agreement,” Perot concludes. “The rights and rights negotiated in collective bargaining agreements exist as separate rights. They are not intended to be merged.”

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Mr Perot said civil servants do not need to use family vacations, for example, to cover the problems caused by the closure of schools and day care due to COVID-19.

“It’s unreasonable to use a vacation for another purpose, a short-term event, because of the ongoing reality,” Perot said.

In a news release, PSAC praised the decision as “a big victory for the federal civil servants who suffered the most pandemics.”

The word “qualification” can be found everywhere when talking about federal workers’ agreements. This is because he is no longer an old federal civil servant. Then again, the budget has been imbalanced for a long time.

It’s as if Rank and File has its own club.

This meant a financial and financial bonus, as payments wouldn’t stop if production failed.

Great job if you get it.


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Bonokoski: Failure of federal public services does not stop bonuses

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