Bono reveals that he has a half-brother and tells a story to forgive his deceased father

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During a frank new interview, Bono revealed a deep personal secret about his family, which led to regret for his teenage behavior, and commented on his ridicule. Poetry About Ukraine.

After more than 40 years of public attention, U2’s frontman revealed that he had a half-brother. Bono explained that his father, Brendan “Bob” Hughson, was born after having an affair when he lived in Dublin’s house with his brother Norman and his mother.

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Talk to BBC Radio 4 Uninhabited island disc Sunday morning about his next memoir, Surrender: 40 songs, 1 story, The rock star settled a tense relationship with his late father, who died in 2001, and shared how he found forgiveness and peace.

“I have another person I love and love,” Bono, 62, told the radio show.

Knowing the existence and secret romance of his half-brothers helped streamline his father’s behavior when his mother, Iris, died suddenly when Bono was 14.

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“My dad was experiencing a lot. His mind was elsewhere, so his head was elsewhere,” Bono recalled. “My father had a deep friendship with this gorgeous woman who was part of the family, and then they all had children who were kept secret. No one knew.”

After discovering the truth, Bono asked his father about their family life.

“I asked him,’Did he love my mother?'” He said, “yes.” So I asked him, “Why does this happen?” And he said, “It can be done,” and he was trying to do it right, trying to do it right. He didn’t apologize, he just said these were the facts. I am peaceful with that. “

The truth made Bono regret about his teenage years. “I’m sure it was difficult to deal with. He was dealing with other things in his life. He was very prowling and very interesting, but it was rough,” he admitted. .. “I feel like I wasn’t there for him,” he said before recalling the formal apology he made to his deceased father in the French chapel.

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“There was no one there. I lit a candle and knelt down,” I’m sorry, I wasn’t there for you, so you experienced a lot, and forgive me. Please. ” “

Bono went on to explain his ridicule Poetry What was addressed to the Ukrainian people read by Nancy Pelosi on St. Patrick’s Day was out of context.

“I sometimes write Limerick for Paddy Day events. It took 10 minutes. Instead of calling the speaker of the house, a satirical, funny and incredible woman,” Limerick “a poem. People thought it was like Seamus Heaney. “Bono said.

“I deserve a slap,” he added. “All the singers in the rock and roll band will say the wrong thing, but the poetry business is ridiculous. It was just Limerick.”

Bono reveals that he has a half-brother and tells a story to forgive his deceased father

Source link Bono reveals that he has a half-brother and tells a story to forgive his deceased father

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