Blue Bombers remain undefeated after defeating Tiger Cats

Willie Jefferson intercepted Dane Evans’ pass in the fourth quarter touchdown, with Winnipeg Blue Bombers visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Friday to win 26-12.

The Blue Bombers (3-0) remained undefeated to start the CFL season, but the Thai Cats did not win in three starts.

After dismissing Hamilton’s quarterback at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Jefferson made a 30-yard passcut and scored with 8:40 remaining.

With Brady Riuler in the background, the Blue Bombers recorded a one-yard touchdown, and Winnipeg kicker Mark Riegio made a perfect outing.

Liegghio kicked field goals from 45, 30, and 41 yards, hit both conversions, and added three punt singles.

Tiger-Cats relied on kicker Michael Domagara when he couldn’t find the end zone.

He was good at field goal attempts from 27, 49, 32 and 41 yards, but was widespread with attempts from 45 and 52 yards.

The opening kick-off was postponed until 8 pm local time due to a thunderstorm as it passed through Winnipeg.

The team asked IG Field fans to wear white for a “whiteout”. Many of the 23,600 people who attended attended, but were covered with rain ponchos.

The bomber wore a white road jersey. It was worn for consecutive Gray Cup victories in Hamilton in 2019 and 2021.

Bomber quarterback Zack Collaros completed 21 of the 302-yard 32-pass attempts in a single intercept.

Evans passed 237 yards 25-42 in two pass cuts.

Winnipeg led 6-3 after the first quarter, 14-9 in halftime and 18-9 after three quarters.

Both quarterbacks connected by a long pass on the scoring drive in the first half.

Collaros hit Greg Erinson with a complete 46 yards, boosting a capped drive with a 45-yard field goal in Riegio.

Collaros and Rashid Bailey attended the 35-yard reception in the next series, finishing 6-0 at 9:29 with a 30-yard player from Riegio.

After being penalized and facing a second down and 27, Evans scrambled and threw a 41-yard strike to David Angeler III.

The drive ended at 12:05 with a field goal of 27 yards in Domagara.

Hamilton went 6-6 in just 21 seconds in the second quarter when Domagara booted a 49-yard player.

Winnipeg responded with a punt single at 3:35.

Domagara missed the 45-yard attempt, but remained at 2:22 in the first half, which was good from 32 yards.

With 18 seconds left, Winnipeg’s Oliviera finished 5 plays and a 59-yard drive with a 1-yard TD carry.

Bomber receiver Nick Demsky appeared to hurt his leg when tackled two minutes after the third quarter. He didn’t go back to the game.

Riegio increased Winnipeg’s lead to 18-9, releasing a punt single at 3:33 and adding a 41-yard field goal at 11:52 for the third time.

Hamilton’s Domagara went 25-12 with a 41-yard player at the fourth 9:56 after Jefferson hit the Paydart on the pick 6.

Liegghio has added another punt single.

Evans was also intercepted by Winnipeg’s defensive back Nick Taylor in the second half of the fourth quarter.

Blue Bombers remain undefeated after defeating Tiger Cats

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