Blackpink Talk Grueling Training, global success, and the future of the historic Rolling Stones cover

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Blackpink continues on its path to becoming a superstar.

The Korean K-POP girl group has already created a worldwide sensation, with a number of high-profile collaborations with Lady Gaga and Cardi B, performances at Coachella, and the first K-POP girl group to sell over 1 million copies. It is producing results. A copy of the album.

They are making another historic first as the first K-pop girl group to appear on the cover of Rolling stone..

They talked to the magazine about their journey to debut, their thoughts on international success, and where to look for the future of the group.

The four girls met as trainees on their label YG when they gathered in the same dormitory, even though they joined the company at different times.

“It was a lot of fun going shopping for groceries,” Rose recalled. “After a long day of training, we cooked together. Nothing stunning, everything frozen. But I still miss the taste of the food.”

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Blackpink – Photo: Peter Ash Lee

They enjoyed spending time together as trainees, but that time was also full of difficulties. You can see that the K-POP trainee system has been practicing for years without guaranteeing that the trainee will make his debut as a musician.

“Debut, debut, debut,” Lisa recalls. “That was the only thing in our head.”

“We were in survival mode,” Jenny added. “Every month our friends were forced to leave home and go home. Are you stressed? Rough? Those feelings were extravagant. It was the debut that was important.”

“If I was having a hard time, I went to the bathroom, sobbed my heart, and then moved on to the next thing,” Rose said. “I was doing autopilot or something. If you told me to do it again, I could never do it.”

At that time, they couldn’t imagine the success they would achieve.

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“My mother and dad are proud of me, but I don’t feel like a star in the world,” Jiss said. “I’m the same person who started training in high school. My social status may have changed, but for me I’m just … I too.”

“More than anyone else, we want to be ordinary girls,” Jenny explained. “Sure, there are times when we talk about how we can influence, but what we really love is talking about cats, dogs, good food, and clean places. is.”

Blackpink is currently preparing to release a new album in 2022. Once released, you’ll see girls riding the wave of promotions and appearances.

“Around this time …” every day, “OK, what should I do to prepare for the next busy two years?” Jenny said.

Looking to the future, the girls were wondering how far the group could go.

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“That is, will Blackpink not last for at least another 10 years? By then, it will be close to 40,” Lisa said. “Someday we’ll get married, and that’s it. But then I see the Spice Girls, how they got together for a reunion concert. Can it be done someday? Then now Can you dance like? “

“Even if we’re 70 and our lives are different, I feel like Black Pink,” Jennie added. “I don’t think Blackpink ends up in my heart as much as I can hear it. It’s part of my family. I can’t deny it.”

Blackpink problem Rolling stone Released in early August. As a special issue, we will release a special box set that includes a photo print, a sticker sheet, and four different covers.

Blackpink Talk Grueling Training, global success, and the future of the historic Rolling Stones cover

Source link Blackpink Talk Grueling Training, global success, and the future of the historic Rolling Stones cover

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