Bill Clinton is “on track” and will be discharged soon, Biden says-National

Hillary Clinton returned to a hospital in Southern California on Saturday morning when Bill Clinton was being treated for an infection and recovering.

The former president is doing well and will soon be released from the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, said President Joe Biden on Friday night.

Biden had spoken to Clinton in a statement at the University of Connecticut, saying the former president was “doing his best.”

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Former US President Bill Clinton hospitalized for infectious disease in California

“He’s fine. He really is,” Biden said.

“He’s not in a serious condition,” Biden said. “As I understand, he’s leaving soon. I don’t know if it’s tomorrow or the next day.”

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Hillary Clinton was with her husband at a hospital southeast of Los Angeles. She returned on an SUV with a Secret Service agent around 8am on Saturday.

Clinton, 75, was hospitalized on Tuesday for an infection unrelated to COVID-19, his spokesman said.

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Critton is a hot topic while on vacation in Quebec

Clinton gets talked about during his vacation in Quebec – August 14, 2021

The former White House Chief of Staff said Clinton had a urological infection that spreads to his bloodstream, but he was being treated and never suffered from potentially life-threatening septic shock. I didn’t enter.

Clinton spokesman Angel Urena said Friday that Clinton would remain hospitalized overnight to receive intravenous antibiotics.

“All health indicators are heading in the right direction, including a significantly reduced white blood cell count,” Urena said in a statement.

“President Clinton remains well and is deeply grateful for the excellent care he has received and the wishes that people have sent from all over the United States and around the world,” the statement said.

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An aide who spoke to a hospital reporter on the condition that his name was not used said Clinton was in the hospital’s intensive care unit but had not received ICU treatment.

Clinton was reading books and watching television coverage of his hospitalization, the aide said.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton are talking about when they’re on vacation in Eastern Townships, Quebec.

For many years after President Clinton left the White House in 2001, he has faced health fears. In 2004, he underwent four bypass surgeries after experiencing long-term chest pain and shortness of breath. He returned to the hospital for surgery on a partially collapsed lung in 2005 and transplanted a pair of stents into the coronary arteries in 2010.

He responded primarily by incorporating a vegan diet, which reports weight loss and improved health.

Clinton repeatedly returned to the stump and campaigned for Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton, when he failed to nominate his president in 2008. And in 2016, when Hillary Clinton sought out the White House as a Democratic candidate, her husband was _grandfather by that time _ and returned to the campaign path near the age of 70.

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Bill Clinton is “on track” and will be discharged soon, Biden says-National

Source link Bill Clinton is “on track” and will be discharged soon, Biden says-National

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