Bill 96 Quebec Description: Nine Amazing Ways The Bill Impacts Quebec Tech Companies and

Quebec’s new bill, which is most likely to become law soon, limits some Quebec businesses by making operations in English nearly illegal. The following describes Bill 96 Quebec.

Please try to imagine. You’re a small startup with five employees sitting at a desk developing new cloud software, but suddenly a lot of OQLF (Quebec Board of the French) inspectors rush to the office and give them. Screaming. Your cell phone and laptop because you received a complaint that your business does not comply with the new bill. It may soon become a harsh reality.

And no-they don’t even need a warrant from a judge-they can just show up whenever someone submits a alleged offense against your company.

Bill 96 Quebec Description: Analyze the bill to see some of the implications of the bill becoming a law for tech and tech start-ups in Quebec (which seems very likely at this time). increase).

Bill 96 Quebec Description

You don’t have to be a customer

No matter what, you need to serve your customers in French and you will be penalized if your company has more than 5 employees. The new bill also includes a provision that even non-consumer clients (that is, anyone in Quebec) can charge your company for not providing information in French. Therefore, even if you are developing software for a company of five people, you may be held liable and penalized if you do not communicate in French.

Government / Legal Procedures

Transactions with government agencies and appearances in court also add to the burden on the new bill. All documents must be provided in French. If you do not have French, you will have to translate it into French at your own expense. Therefore, basically, you go to small-value courts to collect money and enforce the rule of law. Must be done in French only. The new law also prohibits Quebec civil servants from speaking English (even if they know how to speak). So, for something, you need to speak French or appoint a French-speaking employee to talk to the government.

French only contract

All agreements at the French SVP. As it is today, many companies have provisions in their contracts that indicate that the contract is in English and that all parties are okay with it. After the new bill is passed, it is illegal and you will have to write your agreement only in French.

Recruitment must be in French (with a few exceptions)

do you speak French? The new bill requires employment in French and must be justified by the government if it is necessary to hire non-French-speaking people. If you need a developer and don’t care about the language he or she speaks, you need to justify it to the government in French for that reason. Penalties can be imposed if you publish your work in English only, hire an English-speaking person, and if you can’t explain why (see below).

This new bill will definitely undermine Montreal’s ability to attract and retain companies and employees working in the international market.

If Montreal wants to be at the forefront of special effects, and wants to be part of the dynamics that attract pan-Canada or international business headquarters in the video gaming industry, then you need to find a way to embrace it.Language [international] Business is english

Michel Lebrun

Chairman of the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce

Franchise certificate

For companies with 25 employees, and in some cases 5 employees (in some industries), you need to obtain a franchise certificate. This means that most documentation and company communications should be in French. This can be a big headache for new low-budget startups.

Penalties for non-compliance

The government will be very strict against any crime they consider valid. The fine for the first breach is up to $ 20,000, the second breach is up to $ 40,000, and the subsequence breach is up to $ 90,000. So, basically within a year, if you don’t pay attention to hiring and trading customers, non-customers, employees, and government agencies in French, you can build up a statutory charge of $ 150,000. What’s more, if the government thinks you’re continuing in your non-compliance way, they will charge you an additional fine every extra day you’re non-compliance.

Social media

French social media. The government requires all social media posts to be in French, even if the customer base is in English.

Seizure power / search

The authority of Office qué bécois del alangue française is strengthened. They now have the power to grab and access electronic devices such as your cell phone, computer, laptop or server.

OQLF has just hired some additional employees recently, so we have enough employees to do this.

Less English Schools for Temporary Employees Children

Temporary employees coming to Quebec will find it even more difficult to send their children to an English school. As it is now, by renewing your permit every three years, you can send your child to an English school and continue to send it there. The new bill will eliminate updates and children will have to go to schools in France.

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Bill 96 Quebec Description: Nine Amazing Ways The Bill Impacts Quebec Tech Companies and

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