Bill 96 is another part of the Colonial Law: Lazare

There seems to be no negotiations on the possibility of exempting indigenous peoples who may be affected by Bill 96. It is only one of the “Western Colonial Ideas” that the Quebec government insists on applying to indigenous communities. “The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake is leading the heritage portfolio of what non-natives have applied to Quebec’s indigenous peoples for hundreds of years.”

“They refused to think about who we are as people. They do not believe that indigenous peoples are obliged to learn another colonial language and respect our language and culture. No. They refused to consider our point of view, “said MCK Chief Jessica Lazar.

Lazar said the decision to unilaterally impose Bill 96, or Bill 101, an extension of the French Quebec Charter, is ironic given the government’s desire to stink colonial paternity and protect French. Said.

“100 percent colonial era. There was no move on the possibility of exemption from indigenous communities. We feel like we are colonized again,” she said, and the government’s tunnel vision negotiated. Added that it made it almost impossible.

“This is very focused on French and is done without respect for people living in different cultures. Considering our language, given how tightly they want to protect their language. Without it, that’s a shame, “says Lazare.

Bill 96 has a wide range of implications for the state’s life. This requires English-speaking people to prove admission to an English school before they receive medical services in English and for those who are negotiating the state’s judicial system. The law also adds three mandatory French courses to English CEGEP students, and the fact that French is not widely spoken in Kahnawake could force high school graduates in the community to study elsewhere. There is sex.

Linguistic rights advocates and educators across Quebec opposed the bill, and a large-scale demonstration in downtown Montreal last weekend confirmed widespread public opposition to the bill.

The law also gives the Quebec Board of the French (OQLF) the right to seize work documents, cell phone records, and personal emails without a warrant.

Mr Lazar said the minister in charge of the comprehensive bill (hundreds of pages long) showed no sign of concessions to the indigenous community.

“It’s my understanding that Simon Jolly Barrett (the French minister) is completely obsessed with passing this bill. I don’t think he’s upset at all,” she said. Said.

On Tuesday, Quebec Prime Minister François Legor sought to extinguish health concerns by dealing with those who opposed the bill at a public event in Laval.

“I want to reassure everyone who speaks English, whether or not my father attends an English school … [providers] If necessary, we will not refuse to treat the patient in English, “he said. “I would like to be very clear. There is no change in the actual situation of the services provided to Anglophones and immigrants in English in our healthcare system-it is clear.”

Many Quebec medical professionals have stated that they may not be able to provide life-threatening advice to some patients online, in some cases in languages ​​other than English or French.

“France is always vulnerable in North America,” Legault said. “It’s a matter of survival.”

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Bill 96 is another part of the Colonial Law: Lazare

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