“Big Brother” Season 24 begins with a bigger, wilder HOH Comp and an amazing twist

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“Big Brother” started a new season on Wednesday, and host Julie Chen Moonbeth made some big twists and turns for the 16 new house guests who moved to the “Big Brother” household.

The show began by introducing four new house guests at a time to the Desert Festival-themed House and Big Brother Fest contest.

Each guest received a special pass and was taken to one of the Big Brother Festival’s three stations: the Porta Potty area, the Merch Stand and the Piercing Station. There were five house guests in each location, and only one (Joe’Pooch’ Pucciarelli) sat on the golden throne as the so-called Backstage Boss.

All three groups of five house guests had to face off on different challenges before revealing what it really involved. Participants in the temporary toilets had to listen to the conversations taking place outside the temporary toilets and then answer the conversation questions correctly.

Those who answered wrong, or who answered correctly but the slowest, were flooded with blue paint until only one remained. The winner of the challenge, Monte Taylor, thus gained the privilege of participating in the first HOH Comp of the season.

On the other hand, in the Piercing Station Challenge, the house guest needed to clip the stage jewelery to his face as quickly as possible, and Matthew Turner won. In the merchandising stand challenge, five house guests had to hang on their T-shirts and float in the air. Daniel Darston managed to make the rest last longer and secure the last slot in the HOH Comp.

The first HOH contest itself was surprisingly easy after what happened before it. Monte, Daniel, and Matthew faced each other in a speedrun to see who could open a huge gearbox and assemble a huge drum kit puzzle in the fastest way. After a close challenge, Daniel managed to win two straight wins, becoming the first HOH of the season.

So what was Pooch’s overall arrangement as a behind-the-scenes boss, might you ask? As Julie revealed, it’s like a blessing and a curse.

While he’s a behind-the-scenes boss (which is a temporary role), Pooch can’t compete in HOH competitions and can’t vote for peasants. But he is safe from eviction.

It sounds like a gift, but Julie reveals that three other house guests need to be named in order to join him behind the scenes. Neither can they participate in the HOH Comp, vote for peasants, nor nominate them. But unlike him, they are not safe to be kicked out. This is clearly an important difference.

Basically, as Backstage Boss, Pooch was suddenly responsible for blasting the strategy and gameplay of the other three random house guests, perhaps throwing him into a very negative light. Also, he only had the length of a commercial to do so.

In the end, he devised what seemed to be the fairest way to make such an arbitrary decision — he was the first to be eliminated in each of the first three minicomps of the night. Chosen — Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snyder and Brittany Hoops. Pooch, who apologized badly, may have saved himself by using his power as equally as possible.

However, Julie told the house guest who Pooch chose, in addition to the mystery of the night of the first peasant farming. Three of you cannot be nominated as a peasant, but there is no guarantee that you will not be the first guest to return home. Leave it as it is. “

Fans need to see what that ultimately means when “Big Brother” returns on Sunday. The new episode will be broadcast globally on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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“Big Brother” Season 24 begins with a bigger, wilder HOH Comp and an amazing twist

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