Bidet Buying Guide

Are you unable to use the bathroom due to limited mobility? Are you looking for ways to improve your hygiene and want to treat constipation and hemorrhoids naturally? Bidet is the answer.Perhaps you are wondering “which bidet do I need?”. Fortunately, we have listed below the important things that you should consider when buying the right bidet.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bidet

  • Material

There are many options for bidets on the market. Before you decide on the first model that appeals to your eye, make sure to research the material it is made from. You should choose a model that can withstand different weights and lasts for a long time.Bidets can be made from plastic or wood laminated or are treated to resist moisture. Plastic bidets are more durable than treated wood ones. Ceramics are equally as popular and readily available, just like toilets.

  • Easy Installation

Traditional bidet installation is no easy task. Installing a traditional toilet is best left to the professionals unless you are a plumber or have done so before.A bidet attachment, however, is easier to repair and can be done with help from a friend or family member. You can read customer reviews about their experience with installation. Customers would share their experiences with the installation, including how simple or hard it was.

  • Ease of Use

It is normal for new bidets to take some time to become fully functional in your bathroom. They are generally simple to understand.Traditional bidets are easier to use than other types of bidets that have attachments. Why? They would make you move from the toilet to the required level before cleaning. This is in contrast to the bidet attachment which allows you to stay exactly where you are and adjust your position slightly in the bathroom.The remote-control feature on bidet toilet seats makes it easier to use. The remote allows you to adjust the settings from anywhere, without having to read the settings on the bidet. This makes it easy for you to choose what you want.

  • Cost

There are many brands and models of bidets to choose from. It is important to be careful before you purchase the best bidet. You should consider not only the price but also the features.You can save money by purchasing handheld sprayers and bidet attachments that don’t have any bells or whistles. These are affordable and do not require professional installation. Electric bidet seats tend to be more costly than other types. However, the price of a product does not necessarily reflect its durability or performance.

  • Water Pressure

To be happy with your bidet, the water pressure must be at the right level. You’ll struggle to get clean enough if the water pressure is too high or low. Traditional bidet spray come with faucets that allow you to adjust the water pressure to your preference. You can adjust the water pressure on some seats and attachments for bidets. You can’t control the pressure of other bidets. Hence, you’d be stuck if you buy them. It can be hard to find the right bidet for pressure control. However, checking customer reviews to see if there were any problems is possible, so you know what to expect.

  • Comfort

Comfort is affected by many factors, such as the design of the toilet seat, pressure, and heating, as well as temperature. The water temperature also plays an important role in the comfort of your bidet.Warm water can feel good when you use a bidet, while cold water can cause you to feel unkind in winter. Many bidets come with hot or cold-water options so that you can select what suits you best.


Bidets are a hot commodity on the market. You can choose from many options, from fully integrated toilet models to entry-level attachments. There are many options available if you’re looking to enhance your bathroom. Now, with this guide, you can choose the bidet that suits your needs and budget.

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