BhadBhabie proves she earned $ 52 million in OnlyFans

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Daniel Bhad Bhabie is fighting back against those he dislikes.

The 19-year-old rapper said, “Dr. In” Phil “in September 2016, she called the audience” h ** s “and said the phrase” Cash me outside. “

She wants people to forget about the interview, TMZBhad Bhabie, whose real name is Daniel Bhad Bhabie, also revealed that he earned more than $ 50 million in OnlyFans.

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“That’s not just for me.’Oh yes, I’m so in love with the girl who became famous for being Dr. Phil and for saying crazy things. No, that’s not the way I feel.

“Call me the youngest woman in 10 years to earn platinum. Call me some such s ** t. There are many more as well.

“Call me a girl in” Gucci flip-flops “, a girl in” Hi-Bitch “, a girl who made a million-dollar cosmetics transaction, a girl who took over. [a] Earn $ 50 million with OnlyFans. Call me anything. It’s kind of weird when trying to find a way to bother something. “

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Bhabie then proved the value of OnlyFans by sharing receipts on Instagram.

Posts will come later Billboard In April 2021, Bhabie reported that he had earned $ 1 million in just six hours after joining the NSFW Content Subscription Service.

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BhadBhabie proves she earned $ 52 million in OnlyFans

Source link BhadBhabie proves she earned $ 52 million in OnlyFans

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