BetDao announces the launch of its staking app as a major milestone in its Phase 1, Canadian Business Journal

Ontario, Canada, February 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BetDao, a GameFi project aimed at revolutionizing the online card game and sports industries with DAO solutions, is a key milestone in Phase 1. Announced the release of the Ontario app. The platform has announced the launch of the long-awaited staking app, which will play a key role in the decentralized governance of the Decentralized ecosystem.

The BetDao Decentralized Application (dApp) allows users to bet $ BDAO tokens and get more $ BDAO tokens. Players can earn the Governance Token $ BCHIEF by playing with the $ BDAO Token. The $ BCHIEF token is unique in that it can only be obtained and traded on Dex. It also acts as a governance token, allowing players to participate in decisions and opinions made in the gaming industry. In other words, this token is the Holy Grail and you need to bet to get it.

Users can earn BetDao Governance Tokens by betting on DApps. With the BetDao Governance Token, users can benefit from owning the BetDao betting ecosystem and lottery platform. Governance token holders can make decisions about the growth of the BetDao ecosystem. Governance Token owners can vote on whether regular BetDao customers will be able to purchase Governance Tokens in the future.

How is BitDAO aiming to revolutionize the online sports industry?

In the pre-blockchain era, users were forced to act on the premise that the platform would place bets in a timely and correct manner. Moreover, they had to resort to an unfamiliar betting process in an unreliable and unjust atmosphere. However, by distributing transaction tracking obligations across a large network of participants, blockchain can revolutionize the way bets are run.

DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates in the online sports market using blockchain technology. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an organization where the odds of a project are managed by the community and investors rather than a single company. By sharing control and making the platform fair and transparent, DAO has the potential to transform the online sports market. The world of online sports has a turbulent history, and in the past there have been various attempts to create a legally compliant and safe environment for bettors. Most of these projects have failed in the past due to legal issues, privacy concerns, and other inefficiencies. However, entering the market for blockchain technology is giving bettors new hope to ensure a safe and secure environment for sports bettors.

BetDAO is the first decentralized platform in the online sports business that takes full advantage of the potential of blockchain technology. With BetDAO, all transactions run in a decentralized and untrusted environment. In addition, this initiative is backed by utility tokens with a buy-back mechanism to ensure that supply remains constant. BetDAO is one of the most promising blockchain projects designed specifically for fans of online sports. You can protect the privacy and security of consumers and enjoy the excitement of online sports without sacrificing openness.

Consider a decentralized internet betting ecosystem. This ecosystem eliminates the traditional intermediary between game makers or betting operators and players or bettors. The advantage of games is that few businesses can match the BETDAO staking app. This staking dup offers everything you need, whether you’re a lottery addict, a casino royale enthusiast (trying to be like Daniel Craig), or a sports fan who can’t make enough bets without sports. To do. Connect to BETDAO and start playing!

How many industries does the BetDAO ecosystem cover?

Imagine predicting sports such as soccer, horse racing, and tennis with the Metaverse and earning even more Bitcoins. It will focus on casinos and lotteries and will be added to already attractive games in the near future. It combines sports, Defi, crypto, and play-to-earn into one package for sports fans. Sports fans such as soccer fans, baseball fans, and enthusiastic tennis fans can now bet on their favorite players and use the tokens earned from these bets to earn governance tokens. This allows you to enjoy not only your favorite games. Combine them with governance!

The BetDao project also has its own view on sports betting. It offers a wide variety of adrenaline pumping games for betting and playing. The method of the game is very simple, but playing at the edge is a dangerous suggestion. Users can participate in the gaming experience by betting on a team that supports cryptocurrencies. Users can earn up to 50 ETH if the odds are favorable. BetDao currently supports more than 5 sports and may add more in the future.

  1. soccer
  2. UFC
  3. boxing
  4. cricket
  5. rugby

Users can bet on their favorite team when going to war in the field to enjoy the game as well as the profits! The more competitive the game, the more likely you are to win.

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BetDao announces the launch of its staking app as a major milestone in its Phase 1, Canadian Business Journal

Source link BetDao announces the launch of its staking app as a major milestone in its Phase 1, Canadian Business Journal

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