Best Streaming Services Canadian are Deprived of

Content streaming has gathered steam over the last five years, and with the rise of fast internet and services like Netflix, we cannot live without streaming. Canada is one of the countries that has embraced online streaming, with a recent survey showing 73 percent of Canadians stream online videos.

There are many online streaming services, but most are not available in other countries. For example, globally, the biggest streaming service with a 25 percent market share is available in different countries.

However, the content you receive is based on your geographical location. For instance, Netflix US has the most content because of licensing agreements and content restrictions. Other streaming services like Prime Video and Disney Plus follow the same model as Netflix, while others are exclusive to the United States.

Below are streaming services geo-restricted in Canada that you should check out.


Hulu is one of the top streaming platforms in the United States and offers a great variety of shows and movies. The streaming service features originals and old and new movies and shows.

Unfortunately, the streaming service is only available in the US and Japan. This means you can’t access any content on Hulu outside of the US, as even the Japanese version has a unique content catalogue.

The main reason the streaming service is unavailable in Canada is the small number of subscribers, making the country a small advertising market. Hulu was launched in 2007 and currently has over 42.8 million subscribers.


Like you cannot stream American Netflix in Canada, you cannot access the Vudu streaming service. This is surprising considering that Vudu is a free service, so they rely on ads to make money. You can expect a free service in different countries worldwide, but Vudu isn’t because of licensing agreements.

The streaming service doesn’t have the best user interface, riddled with ads. However, the service allows users to rent a program if the content is not available for free on the platform. The price differs according to the chosen content, and you’ll have access to the content for a limited time after paying.

Vudu has an extensive library of content and works on all major streaming devices through the app. In addition, the streaming service has content from Warner Media and NBC Universe. Some of the content available for streaming includes Free Guy, Jungle Cruise, etc.


HBO Max is one of the latest entrants in the streaming world and has over 67.5 million users in the United States. The streaming service combines HBO shows and the latest content from Warner Media.

It has amazing exclusive content, leaving many Canadians frothing at the mouth. However, there’s no end in sight, and Canadians have to wait because the licensing deals were struck with HBO before HBO Max was launched.

HBO Max has an incredible lineup of movies and shows, including Raised by Wolves, The Hobbit movies, The Suicide Squad, etc.


NBC was in operation long before the internet was available, launched way back in 1926. The company has undergone various changes and mergers and is still providing content services today.

It is also known as the Peacock Network and owns the rights to Peacock TV. NBC is exclusive to the United States, and the content on the platform leaves many Canadians wishing. The streaming service has movies, shows, sports from around the world, and news updates.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a subsidiary of the Dish Network and has been around for seven years after its 2015 launch. It was one of the first streaming platforms to launch an app-based TV service.

It has a vast library of content, including live TV on a single subscription, making it a great option for streamers. However, the service is restricted to the United States.

Sling TV users can access top channels like ESPN for the die-hard sports fan. Sling TV also has Nickelodeon for the young and young at heart and an assortment of movies and shows.

Is There a Watch These Streaming Services in Canada?

As we mentioned earlier, many of these streaming services treat Canada as an afterthought because of the small population compared to the US. Others skip offering streaming services in Canada because of complex licensing agreements.

But that’s where a VPN comes in. A VPN is a great tool that changes your online location to a different country. A VPN has servers in different countries worldwide, and once you connect to a server in a different country, you get an IP address from that region.

For instance, you’ll get an American IP address when you connect to a server in the US, giving you access to the geo-restricted streaming platform. There are reliable and affordable VPNs you can download and install to watch every streaming service that’s unavailable in Canada.

Final Thoughts

These streaming services offer incredible streaming services and the best content globally. The only issue is that the content is only available in the US. Soon, some of the services will stream in Canada, but until then, just use a VPN.


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