Best Road Trips to Cross the Alps

One of the most visited mountain ranges in the world is the Alps stretching 750 miles through 8 countries. They are definitely the highest in Europe and very popular for ski resorts and other activities. Even seeing them up close will give you an adrenalin rush if you haven’t experienced something similar.

But, besides having fun on the mountain, there are a lot of driving opportunities to reach them. You won’t be able to travel by car in the winter because of safety but summer is probably the best part of the year. There are a few ways to cross it that will be a unique experience for any driver.

Grossglockner Austria

Depending on where you are from, you might need to have an international drivers license for Austria so you can use their roads with your vehicle. This location is the highest peak in Austria but also in the Alps. It makes the trip even more impressive and every season it looks a lot different which makes it interesting.

You will be surrounded by rugged crags, fragrant forests, and wildflowers but you would want to see the Pasterze which is the longest glacier in the area. Something you should know is that the road isn’t open constantly it depends on the time of the year and weather. So, before you go on a trip, remember to check when you can pass it and bring around 40 euros for the ticket.

Switzerland’s Furka Pass

This location gained a lot of popularity after a James Bond movie where they raced with an Aston Martin. The highest point you can reach is 2400 meters where you can expect an amazing view over the valley. Switzerland is famous for these types of locations but they are also famous for their expensive prices, so if you don’t have a bigger budget, you should plan a different route.

The length of this path is around 75km or 45 miles but most people will stop multiple times to enjoy the view. If you want to see Rhone Glacier which attracts a lot of tourists, you should visit it before summer because it steadily melts during the hottest time of the year. Make sure you play the James Bond playlist while driving there so you can have the same experience.

Italy’s Stelvio Pass

The second highest point in the Alps is in Italy and it gets up to 2700 meters. What makes it unique compared to other road trips to the Alps are the roads that have 180-degree turns. This can be a bit annoying if you are just traveling through without stopping but it lasts for 40km or 26 miles.

Because you have this type of road, it means that the incline will be big and you will come to the highest point very fast. So, you will have more time to enjoy the view but remember that you have to turn back later, so take your rest. They also close this road during some parts of the year because of bad weather.


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