Best Online Games To Play When You’re Bored

It can seem impossible to feel bored in this day and age when there is a wide array of entertainment options at our disposal. However, sometimes all the TV shows and movies get tiring after a while and we need something a bit different to pick us up. Luckily, there is a wide variety of online games that Canadians can play no matter if they’re on their way to work, on their lunch break, or stuck at home.

Cookie Clicker

If you are looking for a simple game that you can play a few rounds of during a quick break, consider Cookie Clicker. The goal of this game is to bake as many cookies as you can, simply by clicking the left button of your mouse. As you produce more cookies, you’ll get a chance to get upgrades. Released in 2013, Cookie Clicker offers basically endless gameplay that you can play until you get bored or your device can’t go on.

Candy Crush Saga

Perhaps you’ve avoided the Candy Crush Saga for almost a decade because everyone including your grandmother was playing it. However, you cannot deny the fact that this match-three puzzle game is addictive. You probably already know that you need to swap candy pieces in order to eliminate them from the board and complete various goals with a limited amount of time or number of moves.

The Wiki Game

In case you’re someone who often spends time on Wikipedia, researching anything and everything that crosses your mind, why not try the Wiki Game? This hypertextual game comes in a few variations but the goal is to reach a certain article by starting on a random unrelated article. For example, you might have to start from the page for the flag of Canada and end up on the page for the platypus.

Quick, Draw!

Those of you who love drawing will certainly love Google’s Quick, Draw! This game challenges you to draw a given object within 20 seconds. While you’re doodling, the system will do its best to guess what you’re drawing based on machine learning and what other players drew before you. Your drawing will also be added to the collection that will train the machines to recognize future attempts.

The Higher Lower Game

Do you think you know how people think and what they google more? Why not test your knowledge on the Higher Lower Game? You will be presented with two options and you need to guess what people looked up on Google more. Do you think Toronto is more searched than Vancouver? Do you think Drake is more popular than Celine Dion? How about Ryan Reynolds vs Ryan Gosling? But, keep in mind that the things you’ll compare might not be related to each other at all.

Online casino games

Another fun option to consider is online casino games. This form of entertainment is on the rise not only in Canada but the whole world as well. From slots to roulette all the way to poker, top online casinos in Canada offer a large array of games, and you can find some great ones at www.superseven.com that will help you pass the time. Titles like Thunderstruck, Heroes Hunt 2, and Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted are just some of the many you can enjoy.

Classic board games

While we sometimes don’t have enough people in the house or at work that we can play board games with, we can easily turn to the internet as there are various games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship, and Clue. Most of these are easy to find online so the next time you’re bored, you know what to do.

The Akinator Genie

Don’t have anyone to play a guessing game with? Yes, you do – the Akinator Genie! Think of a real or fictional character and answer the questions that the genie asks you. It is sure to get it right and even if it doesn’t guess right, you can add your answer to the database and brag about how you beat the genie.


Maybe you’re looking for something a bit longer, more immersive, and plot-filled. In that case, Counter-Strike is a great option. You get to choose the side on which you will fight and be rewarded based on your performance. The online multiplayer version makes it easy to play with friends or meet new people if you’re stuck at home while there is also a mobile version to consider.

Dota 2

Something else you can play when you’re bored is Dota 2. Even though this game came out in 2013, it is still very popular and you can easily find people to play with. You’ll be part of a five-player team that will need to defend its territory and destroy the opponents’ Ancient. There are even esports tournaments that you might be able to take part in if you’re good enough.

If you’re bored of watching TV shows and movies as well as the games you’ve been playing recently, consider these fun options. The internet is full of alternatives; you just need to do some digging.

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