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Best new Chrome 103 features for iPhone

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At the beginning of this week Chrome 103, And all the new features that Google has added to the latest version of desktop web browsers.After all, the company too Updated iOS Chrome app However, this is not a copy and paste scenario. Chrome103 for iPhone introduces some unique new features to the platform. It’s worth checking your time.

If you read the App Store on your iPhone carefully, there are many web browser options besides Safari. If you want to use Chrome, you can download it, but it’s not the same way as on a Mac. Apple forces all third-party browsers on iOS to use WebKit. This is the same browser engine on which Safari is built. So Chrome on iOS is actually the Google version of Safari.Still, developers like Google can We’ll add some fun features for browsers like Chrome that aren’t in the iOS default options, such as the following new features in Chrome 103:

What’s new in Chrome 103 for iPhone

One of the impressive updates is Chrome’s “Language Identification Mode”. This feature uses machine learning to analyze your website and not only determine which language you are using, but also whether you need to translate it into a language you understand. This machine learning is done on the device. That is, no translation is done on Google or third party servers. This machine learning method is much safer and allows you to translate articles on the web with more privacy and security.

The three-dot menu in the corner of the screen has a new look. Colorful options such as passwords, downloads, recent tabs, settings and more are immediately available here. The partially expanded menu has[再読み込み],[新しいタブ],[新しいインコグニート]There are other options such as tabs. Expand the window to see other windows such as bookmarks, add to browsing list, and search within pages.

Chrome allows you to set camera and microphone permissions for specific websites, not just Chrome itself. This allows you to block these tools from other tools while enabling cameras and microphones on trusted sites. In addition, new duplicate tab pages have been automatically removed to allow you to add iCal files to your Chrome calendar.

You can also expect the introduction of extended safe browsing on iOS. Similarly: This additional feature communicates with Google Safe Browsing to share suspicious URLs and downloads encountered while browsing. However, this setting is not yet available to all users. Settings> Google Services When you do so. You should also see “Recent Tabs” as an option when updating. Make the way to Android..

Of course, like many app updates, Chrome 103 also includes stability and performance improvements...

How to update to Chrome 103 on iPhone

You can update your Chrome app to version 103 on your iPhone in the same way you update your app on iOS. In the App Store, tap the profile icon in the upper right, pull down the page to refresh, and check for updates. If you see Chrome here,[更新]Tap. If you see Chrome, but the button next to it says “Open,” your app has already been updated.


Best new Chrome 103 features for iPhone

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